Germies! is an Arcade Puzzle game where you must help Dr. Pus stem an infection from going out of control! Arrange the germies into groups of squares or frames of rectangles to clear the from the board... but beware of the incubation areas, for if they get filled, it's Game Over!

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Germies! Update!


The infection has leveled up!
Germies! now has three difficulty modes - with the original being Hard - so for those finding the pace a bit too quick, it should now be more playable.
We've also added social media posting, so you can spread the infection to your friends and followers, and challenge them to beat your score. Go on, you know you want to.
There's also an in-game tutorial for those who missed the help button, which will pop up with hints and tips as you play.
The start and end sequences have been refined to stop accidentally clicking restart when the game ends - so you can now see how well you did, and spam your friends with your Germies!
Finally, we've added some music to the game as I'm sure you'll agree, it was a bit quiet in-game! This, along with the sound effects, can be turned off in the options on the main screen or pause menu.

So come on, help Dr Pus contain the infection and clear those Germies! over at

The Germies have been released!

The Germies have been released!


Germies! has been released! The infection starts on, and will spread to over platforms soon.

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