Decades have passed since the war erupted between the United Space Federation and The Alliance of Free Worlds. A bloody conflict that seemed to have reached a stalemate is now about to change, when a thrid faction suddenly appears. Take control of a fleet commander returned from exile, rise through the ranks of the United Space Federation forces and join an epic war across the stars. Start with a small group of frigates, and climb your way to controlling battleships, carriers and planetary bases, in huge space battles and boarding actions. Build space stations and orbital facilities to fortify your position, build your fleet, extract minerals and research upgrades. Execute boarding actions using marine special forces, and bombard your enemies with orbital long range cannons.

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We've just released the latest update for Gemini Wars, which includes the skirmish mode with a random map generator and three playable races. Available with 20% discount until 15th August.

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Hello there! Skirmish mode is now available on Gemini Wars! To celebrate this release, we're running a 20% discount until August 15th. To benefit from the discount, just head over to our website :,, and use the discount code "ilovegemini".

Now some details about the new version! Players can create a random map (you can make really huge maps if you wish), and play in it with no restrictions (technology or unit cap) with any of the three factions: USF, Alliance or the Gark.

Skirmish map

The new playable faction – the Gark – has a completely new set of voices, a new GUI and a new tech tree. You’ll have access to the powerful arsenal of the Gark Empire, including the Dreadnoughts and the Planet Destroyers. And yes, you can blow up planets if you want :).

Playing with the Gark

All factions can colonize planets and expand freely, and human factions (USF and Alliance) can invade human colonies, or board and capture other human vessels (big capital ships).

We also listened to some feedback, and the following changes were madein the game:

From version 1.1 (this one) onwards, when shields in a ship are down, they can still be recharged, but how the recharge depends on the faction:

• Both USF and Alliance shields recharge once the ship hull is repaired at 100%.
• Gark shields can recharge at any time; hull does not need to be at 100%.
• USF can fix their ships near allied Military Stations at a rate of hull x time;
• Alliance can fix their ships near Military and Mining Stations at a rate of (hull/2) x time.
• Gark ships can fix their ships anywhere, at a rate of (hull/3) x time.

We also implemented a queue building list for heavy turrets. This is quite useful when building defenses around a jump point. Just keep pressing left-control key and click anywhere you want, and a heavy turret will be built in sequence in the places you indicate.

One more small feature that was added, is a confirmation box when the “Self-Destruct” button is clicked. This eliminates the accidental self-destruction of space stations.

Another useful feature that was added (back in version 1.02) is a little button that can be expanded, showing how many Military Stations the player controls. Depending on the color, it shows what the station is doing: a green icon means the station is working on something. If it’s gray, then it’s idle.

To jump directly to one of those Stations, just click on the station’s icon.

And that's it for now, we hope to see you on the Gemini Sector :).


I am so happy about this! Thank you! :D

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Link to your page has a comma in it.
Thx for the dicount! I'll think about this for a few more days, though...

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