Decades have passed since the war erupted between the United Space Federation and The Alliance of Free Worlds. A bloody conflict that seemed to have reached a stalemate is now about to change, when a thrid faction suddenly appears. Take control of a fleet commander returned from exile, rise through the ranks of the United Space Federation forces and join an epic war across the stars. Start with a small group of frigates, and climb your way to controlling battleships, carriers and planetary bases, in huge space battles and boarding actions. Build space stations and orbital facilities to fortify your position, build your fleet, extract minerals and research upgrades. Execute boarding actions using marine special forces, and bombard your enemies with orbital long range cannons.

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Has a lot of potential

Okay, after playing I think it's only fair to give some suggestions:


-I'm seriously missing doubleclick-selecting a single shiptype, especially with many frigates flying around.

-Military selection: My construction frigates like to play hide in my frigate groups as well, military selection could be helpful.

-Is there a button/Hotkey to scuttle/Decom ships/Defensive structures? I don't feel like leveling enemy ships just so I can free up ship slots.

-Can I shift-queue orders? I tried this in combat, but did not see any effect. It is something I am very used to in RTS games, so not having it seems odd to me.

Ship behaviour:

-Ships only keep defensive stance until they get a move order, and stop moving the moment they are set to defensive stance. This is kind of annoying. I'd prefer if the player had to swap stances manually.

-I have seen instances where newly bought ships would block the next ship in queue from leaving the Military station, getting blocked into place themselves in the process. Improving the pathfinding right there may help.

-Carriers and their fighter-groups are tied together very loosely. The Carrier can be destroyed or leave the planet and the fighters just go on fighting for ages. In the meantime the jumped-away carrier is defenseless as long as the fighters exist since he cannot reproduce them. Also, seven battleships with anti-fighter weaponary cannot kill a single leftover fighter?

-Large groups of cruisers and battleships moving in phalanx formation is kinda hard to keep organized. At a certain number of ships it would be helpful if the ships changed formation to something more... feasible.

There are other small things that would demand improvement, but since the character limits is already reached... If you guys work on one or two of the things I mentioned above my rating would already go up to 8 ;).


I like it but four this price i think that it needs some more work . I like the ships an the way you play the game but the laser fire from the ships needs to be change i dosent look good an i like to see more factions. But iam still a fan :) good work

Bugs, bugs and yes Bugs. We are not your alpha testers ! Bad Game !


ok game but uninspired and buggy as ****.

cons :

massive slowdowns in late game

no real repair function

replaces units with icons way to close in and really kills the look of the big fights

frequent CTDs and game breaking bugs like faulty objectives so save often

poor enemy AI, difficulty is only increased by enemy units receiving artificial buffs over you own units (even the same unit as your own, just controlled by the AI has like 20% better stats) and restricting high-end research

you own units frequently forget what they have been told to do, usually resulting in a strung out line of ships that just decided to stop at random points. ships told to hold position frequently decide other wise and charge straight in

Terrible animation and voice acting during the cut scenes and transitions. seriously YouTube the boarding scene from this game, just wow

no multiplayer as of yet

pros :

Pretty good storyline although the aforementioned acting lets it down

graphics are nice and the battle are fun to watch

not really sure what else goes here, the skirmish mode is pretty good I suppose. MP may go here if they actually add one in the end

so really just buy it if it goes on sale like 3-5 quid kind of range

ive played alot of RTS and this one seems like it has the potential to be a real good game but i just dont like the gameplay. i would have to agree with another post that said the game is a bit out of balance. no matter how hard i try i cant seem to enjoy how the senarios play out. i give this game a 4/10.


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This game is awesome. I hope there are more dlc / expansions coming. Hopefully expanding the storyline and adding new units.

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Has a lot of potential

Jun 13 2012 by Isimiel