Galaxy Pass Station is a simulator of a space station located in the solar system where representatives of various alien species from all over the galaxy arrive. You are the caretaker of this station and work for the largest corporation on Earth. You have to survive among all these incomprehensible creatures or maybe escape is the best choice? Check documents, build a duty free space zone and don't forget to eat, sleep and check your email.

Galaxy Pass Station on Steam (Wishlist and Follow)

Key features:

  • Procedural character generation.
  • More than 15 alien races, also unique characters.
  • Build and manage the space station.
  • Survive the station - dangerous monsters hiding under the guise of harmless visitors.
  • Original storyline and multiple endings.
  • Endless game mode.
  • Colorful 2D pixel graphics.

Main Capsule

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GalaxyPassStation Character 3x

Earlier in our trailer we showed the character creator that is used to create the protagonist. We are happy to announce that this demo is now available for you.

Now, you can create a colorful avatar or a funny sticker. The creator supports labels with different fonts and sizes. Share the results of your creativity with your friends!

✨The character creator is now available on our official website:

Character Creator

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