Galaxide is a 3d top view vertical scroller shoot them up (shmup) for Windows. Constant brutal action and music, stunning effects, many different areas, surprises, challenging bosses with unique behaviors, silky smooth animation and game-play, you simply gotta try this game! Regardless of what type of player you consider yourself to be, casual or non-casual, this game will provide weeks of fun and will be challenging even for an experienced and skilled shmup gamer. This is not the kind of shooter you've encountered before. You must use both, your skills and your brains. Each area can be finished in, at least, two different ways. Use your skills and the shop, with different upgrades, to turn your weaknesses into strengths. The game will throw surprises at you when you least expect them. Each object destroyed is leaving coins for you to collect. At first it may seem difficult to fight enemies and collect coins at the same time, but you'll get used to it.

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This is also a chance for all of you who want to support the development of Invader Attack 2 to do so with some pocket change. Although the price is $2.10 I will only get $1.10 after the fee is deducted.

I know that the game is old school and quite opposite from the Invader Attack 2, it's still a nice little game which did help me out during my debuts. The sales were a bit better than they were with original Invader Attack. I still couldn't understand why since, in my opinion, Invader Attack was technically more complex to implement and had some nice 3d graphics and animations. Players had the final verdict and showed me that I'm wrong, graphics don't matter if the game is slow. So, while the original Invader Attack was slow-paced tactical shooter, Galaxide is not which you can see on the video below.

I hope you'll enjoy playing demo and that some of you will decide to support my work. Please don't forget to check out Invader Attack 2 videos to know what you're supporting as Galaxide is quite an old game, made back in 2010 and was my second game as an independent game developer while the Invader Attack 2 is a modern 3d shmup I'm working on, which requires decent 3d graphic cards. Galaxide can work on almost all graphic cards.

Full details about the game can be found here:

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