FreeSpace: The Great War promises a detailed and dynamic universe, taking space combat sims to new levels of action and realism. Engage massive capital ships and destroyers of unprecedented size and detail. Feel ships explode around you with advanced physics and breathtaking effects. Command intelligent wingmen & request reinforcements in real-time space combat. Watch the Advanced AI system guide skillful wingmen and devious opponents, adapting to your abilities. Swoop in and out of deadly 3D asteroid fields. Advance in rank, earn medals and ribbons, gain more responsibility and features as your skills increase. Listen to the event-driven music system tailor the soundtrack to the action. Watch a detailed branching campaign unfold where your mission performances make the difference. See high-resolution, breathtaking cinematic cutscenes with an epic storyline.

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null. says

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Freespace is a brilliant space dogfighter game that surpasses even X-Wing/TIE Fighter by my estimate.


One of the greatest space shooters that I have ever played.


JvdB01 says

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when i download the game it doesn't work, i can't open it at all.


FreeSpace/FreeSpace2/SCP are by far the best implementation of SPACE combat game, with dozen of mods and conversions, and hundreds of campaigns and missions.

Definitly a MUST for Sci-Fi fans...

And it opens the ports for the mods/conversions themed with Battlestar Galactica, Babylon5, etc...

This awesome game is one on my prefer games collection !

not as good as WC but id still give this a 10/10


Classic space combat simulator

Linux version has bugs which make it crash. However, what DOES work is super fun, and I wish I could play much more of it.


bnm850 says

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Hated it.

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