FRAY is a unique and fast paced multiplayer simultaneous turn-based strategy game for PC. Plan your orders swiftly and watch the action unfold as all the players' squads execute their turns simultaneously. Choose your characters among 6 different classes and arm them with a vast arsenal of weapons and items. Before each combat, you can pledge your allegiance to one of the 3 dominating global corporations, and gain access to faction specific bonuses and enhancements. With Fray: Reloaded Edition, experience the game like never before with new special effects, a new user interface, solo maps, complete class and weapon rebalance, matchmaking and much more. You will also have access to the game's Original Soundtrack composed by electro band Sound Washed!

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In Fray, you control a squad of 4 combatants, to whom you will issue orders on the battlefield. Today we will be presenting the Tank and Medic classes, two dedicated roles that can change the tides on the battlefield.

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Hi everyone, this article is the second of three parts introducing you to the different classes you will get to choose from in Fray. If you have any questions regarding the classes, just shoot away in the comments and don't forget to subscribe and vote for us if you enjoy what we are creating!

In Fray, you control a squad of 4 combatants, to whom you will issue orders on the battlefield. You must choose these characters within a pool of 6 classes (Sniper, Assault, Medic, Tank, Support and Shadow) and each has its own specializations and weaponry.

Today we will be presenting the Tank and Medic classes, two dedicated roles that can change the tides on the battlefield.

"Save your teammates, ensure the victory."CronaCorp Medic

Movement: Medium
Range: Medium

The Medic is a class that saves its teammates’ lives by healing them.

Its function is clearly defined as the one to count on when you are hit by a bullet, either by targeting a character using the V-Gun or by positioning a healing oasis for your team in the form of Healing turrets. The Medic is an important asset in the provision of the squad’s main resource: their lives.

Of course, the medic retains offensive abilities and is well versed in the use of small and medium arms fire.

Weapons examples:
HF-Smith - Hand machine gun, ultra-precise but short range. Entry-level weapon for Aros’ HF series, it has triple the shooting rate of an equivalent weapon from the start of the 21st century.

V-Gun - Aros looks after its image by looking after its soldiers. With the V-Gun, the battlefield medical corps can treat infantry from a distance using the V-Flow, a technology that modifies the target’s environment to induce healing, even if the target is wearing armor and clothing.

Sol.Zero - A double concentration of technologies in a single weapon. The barrel has a quantum propulsion device, in front of this is a particle speed reducer built around a chamber where the temperature reaches absolute zero. Once all of the particles and atoms have stopped, a quantum shock is triggered to transmit the effect in the target direction. The first obstacle encountered is instantly frozen, for as long as the shot is maintained. There is also a sphere on the back of the same propulsion device. In this sphere, there is a reproduction of solar reactions, and a device amplifies the resulting radiation and concentrates them in the barrel, where they are then projected as very high-energy solar radiation.
Equipment Examples:
Healing Crate -
Restores health points to allies passing by the crate; self-destructs after a few uses.

Healing Turret – A deployable V-Flow turret that heals any friendly target that enters in its range.

"Always keep the objective in mind: to fight in the heat of battle, never looking back."CronaCorp Tank Armor

Armor: Heavy
Movement: Medium
Range: Low

The Tank is a class specialized in short-range combat and capable of withstanding heavy attacks.

Depending on the situation, a tank may attack the opponent’s defensive position alone to destroy half of the squad using the Heavy quake, or support the rest of the squad by withstanding the damage for its teammates through the absorption aura or the anti-bullet gloves.

You may feel safe from the Tank when he is far away, but beware if he manages to get in range.

Weapon examples :
T-15T -
Shotgun with aiming device. The weapon does not recoil and the large caliber shells inflict serious damage on the target.

HF-Rodriguez – Heavy machine gun with a very high rate of fire compared to the rest of the HF range, with several externally rotated barrels.

Dynamite Launcher –
Used by minersto propel sticks of perforating dynamite onto huge rock masses. The weapon is shouldered and is as long as an arm, the user grips the large barrel directly, and 3 sticks of dynamite can be loaded in the independent chambers.

Special Aura:

Support Aura - The Tank absorbs x% of damage inflicted on allies.

Equipment examples:

Anti-Bullet Glove - The wearer can move while blocking all bullets fired in front of him. Nonetheless, he can only move slowly…

This concludes the second part of our “Meet your squad” articles. Next time, we will be presenting you with Shadow and the Support, so stay tuned !

And please, vote for us ! Cheers !


Looking good, Fray team! Love the quality of your art and models, they're top notch!
Really love the squad ideas.

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Interesting concept, looks good too!

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Its a shame i always watch this game... and never started tracking... but that have been changed now! + a vote for you guys!

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Yshaana Creator

Thanks guys! We wanted to be mixed up a bit by having different squad capabilities, so that each game, you need to adapt to your enemy, hence the 6 classes.

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