Flop Toy is a casual game for all major mobile platforms. It features real time physics simulation and cartoon-like graphics. Your primary goal as a player is to save as many toys as you can from destruction caused by an overloaded toy shelf. To achieve this, you are in control of a mysterious magical cloth.

First release of Flop Toy will feature:

  • Cartoonish graphics
  • Real time physics
  • Cloud gaming integration
  • Introduction video and tutorial

This game is being developed by Mindesign Entertainment. Please follow us on facebook! Like, share, we appreciate your support.
Flop Toy will be available on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.


Peter Kozma - Graphical Artist
Adam Hegedüs - Software engineer
Gergely Torba - Musical Artist

If you are a publisher and would like to contact us, you can reach us via this email address:
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We have been working hard on the game and achieved some major improvements in the gameplay as well as the overall design:

- We have decided to go with the freemium model instead of the $1 paid version.
- The game has got a new menu with Facebook integration. With this, the player gets a specific leaderboard containing the player's friends and their scores.
- We have released an early cut of the introduction video. You can watch it on YouTube, or here on IndieDB.
- The gameplay will feature purchasable poweups and addons for more fun.
- We are working on a completely new controlling system. Many testers has struggled with the previous solution, so we decided to go in a different direction with it. Hopefully, the new method's going to be the final one, so you'll se all about it when the game gets released :).

The release date has been pushed to January.

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