Flesh Asunder is an action RPG that revolves around preventing the second wave of a demonic invasion. It takes place in America, a few years in the future. To sum it up in a single sentence, Flesh Asunder is as though Hellgate: London and Path of Exile had a baby.

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The FAQ for Flesh Asunder. We wish to share as much information with the public as possible.

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"What is it?"
Flesh Asunder is an action RPG that revolves around slaughtering hordes of monsters in an attempt to prevent the destruction of the human race.

"What tech is being used to develop Flesh Asunder?"

We are utilizing the Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

"What is the plot behind Flesh Asunder?"

Flesh Asunder takes place in America, in 2018. The player controls a
character by the name of Johnathan Richter, a man that lost his entire
family during the first wave of a demonic invasion. He is a former Army
Ranger. His initial goals will be simply to exact vengeance on as many
demons as possible, but as survivors come to rely upon him, he will
rediscover the sense of purpose and the will to live that he lost along
with his family.

"What are the features of Flesh Asunder?"
A randomized loot system.
A full quest system, with interesting rewards.
A plot that strives to emotionally invest the player.
Leveling up, stat point distribution, and skill trees.
Semi-random monster placement.
A crafting system.

"What type of camera setup does Flesh Asunder use?"
Flesh Asunder will be a third person game. Think Gears of War, but pulled back a little bit.

"Through what mediums will Flesh Asunder be released?"
We currently intend to release Flesh Asunder in an episodic fashion, due
to our limited resources. We will start by distributing through Desura or some other indie release platform, but plan to expand to STEAM and Impulse as time goes on. There are
currently no plans for a hard disk release.

"Will Flesh Asunder contain multiplayer?"
Eventually, we would like to implement co-op functionality, but our top priority is
to build an engaging single player game. There are no plans for a PVP

"What will Flesh Asunder cost?"
We can't really say at this point, but one of our top priorities is to give
the players enough content to make them feel like they are getting what
they paid for, and then some.

"When will Flesh Asunder be released?"
At this point, we have no idea. The players will know when we do. We don't
want to give everyone a date that ends up being wildly inaccurate.

"Will Flesh Asunder contain predefined classes?"
The player will not choose a class from the onset of the game. Each
character will be exactly the same from the beginning of the game, but
will be molded as the player sees fit.

"Will levels be randomized?"
We will be adding a certain level of randomization to the gameplay.
However, for the sake of the plot, the main areas of the game will not
change in terms of structure. Things like monster/objective/item chest
spawn points will be randomly placed. In addition, for "dungeon" areas,
we plan on having a system that randomly chooses a map from several
different configurations.

Feel free to post more questions. We will update the FAQ over time.

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