A puzzle solving game of laser light beams, refraction, reflection and mixing. Pit your wits against the maniacal artificial intelligence Finley in this reimagining of the unknown and very secret 1960’s human perception tests carried out in top secret hidden bunker laboratories.

Game Features:

  • Casual gameplay
  • A plethora of levels to discover
  • Ever increasing difficulty
  • Multiple ways to solve a puzzle
  • Simple user interface using “drag and drop”
  • Optional "Speed run" mode
  • Over 40 achievements
  • No time limit (although faster means better!)
  • Beautifully rendered secret laboratory
  • Retro 1960’s comic style

“Is this thing on? Testing, testing.”

“My sensors really need a clean!”

“Oh wait, there you are.”

“Welcome test subject to our human radiation colour ...or is that color? Hmm I’m not sure, my programming has more than a hint of the transatlantic in it…Where was I… Oh yes.,, Welcome test subject to our human radiation colour perception challenge. My name is Finley 808 and I'm your AI companion for your short foreseeable future.”

Pit your wits against the maniacal artificial intelligence Finley in this reimagining of the unknown and very secret 1960’s human perception tests carried out in top secret hidden bunker laboratories.

“Did you know there’s a Prize to be found deep in the Laboratory at the end of this test?”

As the test subject, the deeper you go into the facility, the harder the puzzles become to most.

“Thanks to a lucky find near Roswell, New Mexico we have built this facility to experiment on some new forms matter”

The objective of each test is simple. Drag and drop the available laser manipulation devices to split, redirect and absorb the laser death ray and eliminate the alien blob like waste product artefacts.

“The death ray… I mean focused radiation beam… is quite powerful. Should it touch the sides I will have no choice but to activate sterilisation protocols!”

It is possible for the light beam to touch the sides of the test laboratory. If you do, it will activate a countdown (limiting the time you have to pass the test). Should the countdown reach zero (all containment suppression fuses in the lab are blown), you will fail the test.

“Oh I do hope you aren’t one of the mediocre ones. You know your colours right? Oh I do hope so, whilst this alien waste product is messy, recycling substandard humans is really messy!”

The alien artefacts have a distinct hue. Black, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White. The white light of the laser will neutralise any of these. However you can split the white light (and combine of course) into these colours to remove corresponding Alien waste products.

“I’m always amazed just how many supposedly bright humans don’t understand how primary colours are mixed to make other colours. As a species you boast about the likes of Newton and Einstein, but really. The number of test subjects I see that didn’t know Red and Green makes Yellow, Red and Blue makes Magenta and, get this, Blue and Green makes Cyan. I mean please, over 80 billion neurons and not one helping… I will understand this species one day”.

A report card is produced for each test level completed. The grading is typical of the 1960’s where a “F” is an out and out fail through to an A (a top pass). Finley will award three star ticks for the best “A” class students! You are welcome to retake a level test again and again to improve your rating and score.

“It’s good to reward good effort don’t you think?”

You can increase your score (and report card attainment of course) by completing levels quickly, matching laser beam colour to Alien blob and minimising the number of device moves.

“Oh dear, that was a failure. Where will I get the next test subject from?”

You can easily (with permission granted) share your report with friends. Perhaps they will be better or worse than you when they face Finley’s Colour of Radiation challenge? Either way, it’s a game that will improve your cognitive and problem solving skills - Those secret 1960’s experiments have to have proved something right?

“We like humans, they will do whatever you ask of them, if you ask in the right way. Only last week I said to a test subject that managed to get to the Prize… I got into a fight with 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. – The odds were against me. Soon after, 19 and 20 had a fight. Twenty one. ....They laughed!”

Still not sure if you want to give this game a go? Well, we can offer you hearsay and hyperbole regarding the experience of this game. Here are some of the totally fictitious characters that helped develop it…

“Man. This game is far out. The colours dude, they like blend you know.” (Comic reader guy, Long Beach, CA)

“My uncle did a lot of deep water filming in the 1960’s, but this game takes you deeper.” (Jake Coostoe, Monaco )

“One doesn’t simply play the game, one becomes the game, doesn’t one?” (MP, London)

“You know… When I was stuck in the game, I did manage to get by with a little help from my friends.” (Musician, Liverpool)

“Floot-rig-noota-garf-garf-yipa-enata-solinty-bim.” (A caretaker, Altair V)

We hope you enjoy this game!

Duckocide Games

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So here's a thing...

I'm really loving how this game is coming together. The comic book art and tongue in cheek alien conspiracy vibe has been fun.

Now when it comes to puzzle games, you can't help but notice the want for ardent gamers to master a game. Seek perfection in hand/eye co-ordination and show to others their prowess at beating a game in record time. Be it via hidden and discovered logic glitches or just being damn good and practiced at a game.

So, I thought I'd implement a "Speed Run" mode in to this game. What did that mean? The following features would be important:

  • an optional "speed run" mode
  • a database of run timings and scores for current, last and personal best level measure attainment.

Then if selected:

  • Improve the display accuracy of the level timer (display down to milliseconds)
  • Remove all superfluous animation between levels
  • Fixed timing for element removal (once again, time trumps visuals)
  • Record timing, moves and such like to report on.
  • Make sure the stop watch is accurate and starts when the level starts and stops when the last puzzle element is removed. Seems obvious, but it's easy to lose the odd bit of time thanks to a tardy animation or delayed game state change.
  • Present a record of the "speed run" in between levels with a simple "next", "restart" or "quit" option

Now the "slow" or should I say "pretty" inter-level display of level complete animation already presented (and so recorded data for) a kind-of school report. So really, I'm extending that to record the history of such.

Level Intro (Speed Run Mode Off)

(screen shot of level intro when speed run mode is disabled)

Level Complete report card screenshot (Speed run off)(screen shot of inter-level report card when speed run mode is disabled)

It's a simple toggle switch to turn on the "speed run" mode:

Speed run mode toggle switch

(screen shot of scrollable options screen and speed run mode enabled)

The intro and reports cards then change to reflect the new mode (for the hard core, high speed puzzle solvers out there!)

Level intro (Speed run mode on)

(level intro screenshot with speed run mode enabled)

Speed run reporting (between levels)

(level 1 and 2 achievement screenshot with speed run mode enabled)

Here's a video of the new mode in action. First we see the "pretty" display of the level and reporting card. Selection of the "speed run" mode and then a few repeated efforts at a speed run (only 1 level but imagine it could go on for the entire level collection).

Enjoy! (And don't forget to wish list the game!

Duckocide Creator
Duckocide - - 9 comments

Coming soon: Finley's - The Colour of Radiation

A puzzle solving game of laser light beams, refraction and reflection. Pit your wits against the maniacal AI Finley!

Available to wish-list on Steam Store.steampowered.com

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