It’s a really simple game with minimalist approach oriented around your finger! You try to keep your finger on the road and avoid obstacles. The road is never ending and randomly generated. There are 90 levels and if you finish all of them, you unlock Endless mode. In endless mode, you can compete on leaderboards against others. There are several powerups to help you out! You can also customize the game using the in-game currency.

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I recently released Finger Road on Android and I thought I would let you know how it was made!

All started with ideas and sketches. I really liked the idea of your finger being part of the game. Thinking it's something new that wasn't made yet, I was pretty disappointed after figuring out there are plenty of games like that. Welcome in gamedev, right? I tried to come up with something new. How if it's randomly generated? That would be cool. I knew the game must be different from others. How about you don't see what's in front of you? After few hours, first prototype was out. I sketched some basic placeholder quarters.

Looking pretty cool. This is the direction I wanted to go. Completely randomly generated road building in front of you. I even kinda liked the graphics. It was so simple, yet kinda cool.
Because I always had passion in designing UI/UX, I decided to try and figure out how the UI could look. Few sketches on paper later, I thought I got the right candidate. I started photoshop and It looked like this.


Meh... Looks weird. Since I decided to stick with squares as my road, it needed something more clean.
How about this?


I liked it. Now it was time to get things into motion. Everything should be moving. I changed few colors, made main menu and this was the result of going from Main Menu to Game. See this gif (imgur)

This is how I made the main design decisions in Finger Road game. I later changed the idea of game being completely randomly generated. Instead, I made "segments", which would connect to eachother and randomize the segments. This makes the game feel different everytime with much less effort.

I think the proper ending would be showing you actual gameplay. See release trailer, where you can see how game actually works and looks.

Thanks for reading!

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