Have you ever wanted to abduct cows whit your own UFO, avoiding the bullets of angry farmers, and return to the mothership in the outer space? Now you can do it ! Welcome to FET : Flying Extra-Terrestrials. The game where you will abduct animals from all over the world, facing dangerous enemies, planes, satellites, angry farmers...with 36 levels, from the African grasslands and the highest mountains to the deepest caves, fly your UFO around the world and enjoy the adventure!. Download the Full Version 1.0 for Free, without DRM and with no installation required!

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Having troubles playing the game? Here's the quick guide to drive an UFO like a real alien!

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Do you have any troubles driving the UFO? Here is the guide to drive them like a pro!

This is the first screen you see when you start a new game. This screen shows the controls of the game, that we will explain on detail right now :

Start the first level of the game. Once it starts, you will appear right down the mothership.As you can see, theres a graphic under the mothership. It shows how many animals you need to abduct in order to complete the level. Here we see that we need 5 cows in order to complete the level.

If you move the mouse left or right, the UFO will rotate to face the opossite direction. If you now press (and keep pressed for a while) the right mouse button, the UFO will start to move upwards in the direction it is rotated. If you move the mouse and press the right mouse button at the same time, you can control the UFO. This first level has no obstacles to help you to get used to the controls. Remember that a UFO is not a car, nor a plane, so it has a very special behaviour. If you want, you can zoom in and out with the "Q" and "E" keys, so you can drive more easily.

Now, release the right mouse button and your UFO will start to descend. Press it as soon as you see the clouds, to reduce the speed, so you will not crash with the ground. Releasing and pressing the right mouse button, control the distance between the UFO and the floor, and then, when you feel all right with the movement and the height, move yourself near the cows.

Once you are close to them, press and keep pressed the left mouse button (but don't release the right mouse button unless you want to crash!) to lift them. Remember that the cows, as other animals, have their own weight, and the UFO cannot lift too much load. Around 3 cows at a time is a good choice.

Once you have lifted the cow, keep pressed the left mouse button. If you release it, you will drop the cows (or any other animals), and they could die. Press the right mouse button to go up again, and bring the cows near to the mothership.

Once you are near the mothership, fly with the animals through the abductor (the red cylinder over the mothership) without releasing the left mouse button. If you do this right, the mothership will absorb the animals, and you will hear a jingle. Then, your score will change as you obtain points.

As you complete more levels, there will be more animals to abduct, and there will be also many obstacles to avoid. Play the first three levels as many times as you need to get used to this controls. You don't want to die over and over, do you? Start easy, and enjoy the game!Oh! And don't forget to read the instructions and hints before the levels, because they teach you some other basics about the game, and tell you specific instructions!

Have a lot of fun.

The Irreverent Software™ Team.

If you have any questions about the game, you can send me a private message or post a comment. If you want me to make more tutorials, or to have some videos showing gameplay, just ask for them, and I will soon respond to you. Thanks for downloading and playing FET: Flying Extra-Terrestrials!

IrrSoft Author

The tutorial is now updated, with some other basic things to know. Besides, I have uploaded better quality images, so you can see clearer what is all about.

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