Fallout Online: Australia is a Project that basically places the "Fallout" Style world inside Australia. With Zombies, Crafting, Slavery, Children, Building Houses and Farms! You can do just about ANYTHING!

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Server is crazy and fun. Thanks for admin!

Its not clear what to do sometimes, the wiki needs love.

Location/resource spawns seem random. Not based on region.

Dialogue is not always in the same language, and there are no quests, locations seem small or unfinished, while the client seems to have sizing issues.

Crafting and gathering having a delay is boring and encourages alting.

It seems all that happened when I got on was gather wood for a while, then hunt farms. Built a tent, and realize that there were public resources. And that different bases give you different ones as well.

First 5 levels were on crafting, then after that I took out an M4, combat armor to kill a few raiders.

If the speed of combat could be sped up for NPC's like dogs, it'd make the experience much better.


Well made, awesome and original.


The single player is awesome i really wanna try the multiplayer, just know its goin to be really good too :P


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