Greetings Lutian,

…I am Yue or rather…a manifestation of it.

I am the force which creates all life. Long ago, Two Lutian Kings did not heed the words of the ancient mystic Mazer Fizzle and wrought destruction upon the sister cities of the forest continent. The Nagans, the ancient keepers of my secrets, were manipulated into revealing my ultimate location. In doing so, the only artifact that keeps the life force energy from being tainted, was stolen by the King of Patrian and drove the King of Ipcus to utter insanity. A war broke out between the two and millions were slaughtered in my name.

As the years passed and evil crept into the minds and hearts of lutiankind, my energy weakened and only evil was born into the universe…As my final task, I have ripped through time and space and recreated myself in a parallel dimension. One in which neither kings of the sister cities lived to steal the artifact. I know though that this is only a temporary solution, and it seems as though that artifact was specific only to that dimension…so I am again exposed to danger. Our hope rests with you unborn heroes…My will and mind are fragile as a child’s, bent to the will of those who keep me.
When you are born, you will remember none of this conversation, but my words will be etched on your soul. Heed my words…do not seek the Yue…do not touch the Yue…all of your malice, your fears will be transferred unto me and I will unleash as much evil as I am exposed to…tenfold. Welcome to the world of Heikou…The Fabled Vale.

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We have been working on Fabled Vale for quite a few years now, we are pushing for that last little bit to get it released!

Most of the visuals and design are complete, we just need to raise some money to finish the development end of things!

Please check out our campaign at:


The game is looking great, love the hand drawn environments.

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