Exo: Into Starlight

Millions of Miles Off Course, Thousands of Years into the Future

Explore the galaxy on a mission of discovery. As a research android, your mission is to find new life and alien civilizations. Visit exotic alien landscapes as you collect relics, photograph new worlds and species, and decode the mystery of a 'Lost Race.'

An accident throws a research android millions of lightyears off course and thousands of years into the future. Follow in the footsteps of an ancient civilization as you decode their language, unlocking interdimensional portals to exotic worlds. Using antigravity technology and a high-performance jetpack, you will face navigation and puzzle challenges as you explore. Collect relics, discover new species, and document your adventure.

Similar to experience-based games like Journey and Abzu, the focus here is on exploration and puzzle-solving. As an observer, you will encounter alien civilizations at various stages of development. Lost in the vastness of space, you continue your mission and search for a way home to deliver your findings.

Currently, we are preparing a 3 level demo for a January 2021 release, with the full game coming summer 2021. Wishlist us here or follow us on Twitter.

Coming in 2021 to PS4/5, PC and Mac

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Steam Early Release


Strong Sales from Steam Early Release

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We released our game as a Steam "Early Release" title, mainly to gauge if there was commercial interest in this project. We are very happy to announce that without much marketing support, we saw a big spike in sales!

Based on this data, we have decided to invest the time necessary to give this game the attention it deserves. We are in talks with a music producer and with all of the core game mechanics done, we will be moving to the next phase, which is the 4 level release.

The current timeline of this project:

  • Demo - Complete
  • Four Level Demo - Q2 2022
  • Complete Game - Q4 2022
  • Playstation® 5, Switch®, and Steam Connect® ports - Q2 2023

As part of the next phase for this game, we have a couple of more features we want to bring to the demo, then we will be reaching out to the streamers who have contacted us to feature our game. We may make revisions based on this feedback, then looking more closely at potential publishing deals.

If you are in the industry or are passionate about games like Abzu and Journey, please reach out to us on our website. We have a few Steam keys and are always eager to hear feedback about our project.

Steam: Store.steampowered.com
Superframe Website: Superframemedia.com
Game Site: Superframemedia.com
Presskit: Indiedb.com

Exo: Into Starlight Game Trailer

Exo: Into Starlight Game Trailer


Trailer for our Game Exo: Into Starlight coming to PS5, Mac and PC in 2021. Play in the role of a research android that gets thrown millions of miles...

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