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This Thursday, a bill that would create America’s first Internet censorship system is going to a full committee for a vote, and is likely to pass. We can kill this bill now.

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Stop Online Censorship!

This Thursday, a bill that would create America’s first Internet censorship system is going to a full committee for a vote, and is likely to pass. We can kill this bill now. This week, millions of us will protest censorship, censoring our own posts and asking you to call Congress. We need your help! Click HERE for more info.

For more news and information about SOPA (American Censorship Bill), click HERE.

The need is dire! This bill could easily kill many of your favorite open source projects (Including a sister project on the spring engine, Gundam RTS)! Please help us kill this bill!

People this is very real. It's tough to believe, as this bill makes China look like the bastions of free speech. I can't believe it myself how close to the brink we are. This is the stuff of bad movies and chain letters, but unfortunately, it's here, and we need to stop it.

Please understand... Under this bill, as an example, if you uploaded a video of yourself singing a popular song to youtube, you could be sued and even sent to prison! Can you believe it? I scarcely can.

Please, call your congressman today!


Very serious stuff. But something even more grave has recently passed. See here: Falkvinge.net

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I seriously hope this does not pass. The idea of being able to take down other people's websites and software, all without showing a single shred of proof or evidence, is horrible.

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i agree with out any regard to their hardwork or " Innovate " IDEAs that can many times LEAD to a REVOLUTION in TECHNOLOGY. if the stupid government STOP TO THINK - almost if not 3/4 ( 75-80% ) of all the software / Internet Co's / hardware / media companies all started from internet and its free speech. take that away and what do you truly have - well lets see. the internet itself. They think the internet was just a bunch of college math wizards who sat around with no girlfriends & no dates & no life ( think porky's movies ), they came up with the World Wide Web aka Internet. SMH. dumb dumb dumb. they're not thinking correctly. they are ***-U-MING its a bunch of gamers who live in mom & dad's basement play World of Warcraft / MW3 / HALO ODST..... like they have NO resposibility or lives. In fact if you really take a further look into our Government never truly Took The Internet Seriously UNITL - the PEDO-HYSTERIA Flared up accross the air waves bandwaves......SMH

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Forboding_Angel Author

TotalBiscuit weighed in a few days ago and hit all the nails directly on the head: Youtu.be

And yes, doesn't matter whether you are american or not, this is really really bad news for the entire world. The US is under the impression that they own the internet, and actually, we do own many very important parts of it. Up till now, the US could be trusted not to screw it up. At this point, I'm worried that that time has passed.

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I Totally Agree. like someone else put it; the US had its " TIME " to govern control of the Internet. They screwed up so now we have to live in fear that if we upload a file that you were not given complete 100% full authority to have control of.gaming which continues today.Its becuase of coutless hours & hours of programmers, designers and admins who are / is dedicated to bring US the gamerz , public intrest these things. If not for them who ???? Also to add at these time the internet was COMPLETE free of speech; no problems with government control like so much in these past couple years that were dealing with. Hey when founder of Napster;Sean Fanning at the time he was i believe stil in High School.The Idea to take music convert them to files called MP3's>>>> UL / DL at your own convience was a phenomonial effect on Internet community.This " EFFECT " has forwarded the innovations of file sharing - java apps - conversion of media files - possibly ( but not exactly but its in that catergory ) IPOD's ITouch,etc. So as you can see now in 2012 we are in a critical zone; where as before in the 90's the government wanted control of Email, then they tried with Music Labels gain control of acces of music files. It was also a lets" try " to Govern the internet. But now its a serious serious real threat to our everyday life. We and everyone who " GIVES A DAMN " need to realize this and understand this situtation.Then follow up and take a stand against this. This is a message to any Government Councilmen reading: The Internet i.e. the World Wide Web is CYBERSPACE ITS A COMMUNICATION COMBINATION OF HARDWARE & SOFTWARE TOOLS - RESOURCES - PERIPHERALS - DATA - MEDIA - BANDWITH WORKING TOGETHER IN SYNC. ALSO WE AS HUMAN BEINGS ( TECHNICALLY ) WILL NEVER TRULY OWN THE INTERNET IT ALWAYS EXISTED.
Thanx for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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