Evil Faith is a free strategy game based on the medieval Europe. It introduces a new type of strategy war game to players and it is the only game on the AppStore in which player’s mission is to use magic spells and military skills to attack and finally destroy all the medieval Europe empires.

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Destroy all the medieval Europe empires in Evil Faith! You are member of the Organization, eliminating all the powerful empires will be your only faith! Blood magic and natural disasters will be your powerful weapons! Use strategies and magic turning all the empires to dust!


Evil Faith is a free unique history strategy game for iPhone, iPad and it will be the best strategy game you’ve ever played!

In the game you are a strategist, a magician and an assassin. You will reveal the secret of the Devil's Bible and join the Organization whose creed is to destroy all the empires. To achieve that goal, you have to find out the empires’ weaknesses and take advantage of them. Virus, snowstorm and flood will be your armament to throw them into disarray; Summon Demon, assassinate politician and incite riots will be your sword to break them!



-Age of empires, be their ultimate king and conquer them all!

-Use blood magic and strategies to break the empires down one by one!

-Evolve the strategy genre and strength your power!

-Reveal the evil secret of Devil’s Bible, raise dead and release Sin!

-Explore the fascinating history of medieval Europe, witness great historical events!

-Fulfill your dream of conquering and bring you the joy of killing!


For the latest news of our game Evil Faith or offering advice, you can find us on:

Facebook: Facebook.com


Email: black.blade.service@gmail.com

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