Empyrion is a 3D open world, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers. Empyrion features space & planetary exploration, building & construction, mining & resource gathering, survival, crafting, as well as space & land combats. Using the Unity 3D engine, Empyrion uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. The game is currently under development by Eleon Game Studios.

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Eleon Game Studio releases Alpha 9.4 with a completely new planet type, more variants and updated models of cargo containers and controllers, dynamic grids for large cargo containers, three new HV thrusters, many model updates, a major POI update, new building shapes, calculation of hitpoints and mass according to the shape of a block and much more.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With Alpha 9.4, we are adding a few more refinements, a completely new planet type, more variants and updated models of cargo containers and controllers, dynamic grids for large cargo containers, three new HV thrusters, many model updates, a major POI update, new building shapes, calculation of hitpoints and mass according to the shape of a block and much more.

Check out the full changelog below and do not forget to add your feedback on the changes, as well as report remaining bugs in our forum

Bug Reports Guidelines: Empyriononline.com


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2275)

Added new Planet “Barren Metal”:

- It is a highly radiated, dead planet with extreme temperatures

- Added BarrenMetal to random solar system generator
- Added new stamps and POIs for BarrenMetal

Added more Shapes for Building Blocks:

- This is a first iteration to expand the shapes atlas (which was limited to 64 slots before).
- The shapes added right now are some of those that were created a while ago, but did not fit into the old atlas as it ran out of slots.

- We already created a list of desirable new shapes from all your suggestions (and beyond). Those will go in production soon, but it might take a while until more will be added (Alpha 10)

Model Update and Additions:
- Updated models of SV/HV Container Controllers

- Updated models of SV/HV Containers

- Updated models of CV/BA Container Controllers

- Added new CV Cargo Containers (Palette)

- Added new plain emissive block texture (Xeno Steel)
- Updated Talon Crossbow model
- Updated model of Teleporter
- Updated sofa model
- Portal model has now a non-transparent backface to make clear that you cannot go through it

Thruster Update:
- Added 3 new HV Thrusters
- Updated Techtree for HV thrusters
- Added missing specs for some thrusters (temperature, radiation)
- Increased Thruster Force for all HV thrusters
- Balanced other parameters based on the changed Thruster Force for HV Thrusters
- Slightly adjusted SV Thrusters and Jet Thrusters
- Slightly adjusted CV Thrusters

- Using voxel shape of blocks to calculate their weight and hitpoints

- Added gameoptions.yaml parameter to limit the max number of spawned AI entities (MaxSpawnedEnemies): per default = 50
- Added dynamic grids for containers with VolumeCapacity larger than 8000 SU: the grids now extend if they are full
- Constructors using internal data containers (e.g. Portable Constructor) now also uses stuff from OUTPUT grid to craft next items
- Reduced impact of actions on reputation > Feedback required
- Removed motion sensor and light barrier sound > Feedback required
- Added Tx signal to Retractable Landing Gears
- Landing Gears are now visible in CP
- TotalHorror NPC: Reduced attack range and reduced probability to get AlienParasite
- Improved behaviour of Troop Transport: it now adapts its landing position dynamically dependent on player behavior

Major POI Update:
> Over 60 POIs adapted (updated / added) > A special thank you to our Builder's League - especially Fractalite, Frigidman, Ramachandra, Pantera and Taelyn

- Abandoned Buildings: Switched most of the Aln Buildings to Flat spawners and set to "Static" so you can actually clear an area without respawns.
- Updated several POIs (Abandoned Mine, Orbital Spire, Weapon Bunker etc): thanks to Frigidman, Ramachandra, Pantera
- Complete rework of Ghyst POIs > thanks to Frigidman
- Added new set of Talon POIs on Arid planet > thanks to Ramachandra
- Added new Talon Burial Chamber POI: thanks to Kaeser
- Added new Polaris POI: thanks to ravien_ff
- Updated POIs with underground part (now also set with "flatten terrain")
- Fixed: Door codes so you do not need to blast doors when on neutral/friendly/honored state for some Polaris POI
- Fixed: Wrong y offset of POIs (some POIs were not lowered sufficiently into terrain)

Updated Grass shader:
- Better visuals (more realistic wind effect, grass looks wet when raining, etc)

- Better performance
- Added possibility to scale grass on a per-biome basis (added YScale param to playfield_dynamic.yaml - see eg TemperateStarter or ExamplePlanet)

Playfield Update:
- Updated snow playfield / desert playfield

- Updated POI underground texture on several Moon playfields

- Improved preview in SSG so that you can now see the terrain (stamps and textures) as it appears ingame

- Exporting "FoodDecayTime" to Config.ecf
- Exporting more blocks to Config.ecf (eg all deco plants such as ElderberryBushDeco that are placeable in BA/CV etc)

Other Changes:
- Updated "Shadows of Starlight" scenario and made it visible again: Thanks to ASTIC > Feedback required
- Updated SSAO / Bloom Effects: should now have less performance impact
- Better ordering of block stats (Mass, Volume higher up in list)
- Directional sensor tuning for AI: should improve direction in which do animals wander or run away from the player
- Use 'N/A' for orbit 'planet size' in new game windows, rather than hiding the button.
- Depth-of-Field effect does not change with Quality Presets anymore - similar to SSR effect (if switched off, stays off even if Quality = Best)
- Updated gameoptions_example.yaml: added better descriptions and fixed several inconsistencies (it is now also generated for Default MP scenario)
- Updated Example Planet playfield_static.yaml
- Updated UI of "planet info" in-game (Planet Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large; Added Planet Difficulty; Removed Weather)
- Constructor Filter: Improved tooltip texts to better explain the filter's meaning

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: [MP] Plants spoiling after being picked when re-joining a server
- Fixed: Ventilator Oxygen exploit to get free O2
- Fixed: Picking up Dropcontainer with SHIFT-F when inventory slots are full, excess items are destroyed
- Fixed: Debug radar exploit
- Fixed: Landing gears animation stuck after removing other landing gears
- Fixed: Multiple NPC Trader spawn at one location after POI regenerates
- Fixed: T key not switching between player tool bar & virtual tool bar when using the personal drone.
- Fixed: When POI's with the 'BP flattens ground' box is checked the structures can get displaced & terrain can become deformed
- Fixed: When a AI Turret reloads on a vessel the mounted weapons will be forced to reload.
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes POIs were empty because NPCs have been despawned and did not reliably respaw when player re-enters POI (could happen especially for static spawners)
- Fixed: PDA not showing chapters in certain cases.
- Fixed: POI-Ground textures on DESERT playfield are showing black
- Fixed: Strange cutout of stones in water on Alien Planet
- Fixed: Animals spawning inside freshly build POI
- Fixed: Superspeed glitch teleport to the end of the universe
- Fixed: NPC Spawn trigger area is larger than shown
- Fixed: Clicking on resources in Statistics display shows internal names
- Fixed: Ore scanner outline not working with Drill Turret
- Fixed: POI cutout area had a gap to the terrain and sometimes terrain was not removed if checkbox "Flattens Ground" was not checked
- Fixed: When copying a save game, the new created game copy does not get highlighted
- Fixed: In some circumstances info-popups are not readable in the tech-tree - refine placement of tooltip based on actual height of panel
- Fixed: HV MultiTurret / DrillTurret > Naming wrong Block Group
- Fixed: Unable to start game when adding probabilities to Moon Playfield types.
- Fixed: [Volume limit] Using MultiTool to retrieve a block doesn't always drop the block if inventory is full
- Fixed: Some issues with POI underground textures on MoonDesert
- Fixed: POI group "TribalBazarStoneAux" was not spawned on AridStarter
- Fixed: Console command 'ag' not working properly
- Fixed: Problem that one could start in orbit in Akua-Omicron scenario and then fall on planet
- Fixed: Exception spam in client & PF logs due to AI Planet Vessel
- Fixed: Issue with selecting singleplayer & coop options in Start game menu > button was not always very responsive
- Fixed: AI Hint system: WormDesert did not react if another WormDesert was damaged
- Fixed: Problem that not all AI were able to “open doors” and “trigger sensors”
- Fixed: Telluropod not following you under water reliable
- Fixed: Holographic screen was not switched off on Scifi Deco Table without power
- Fixed: Clustering in Terrain shader
- Fixed: Typos in PDA


These are great updates and I really like the new blocks; however, there is one shape that I have been hoping would make an entrance for a very long time and, alas, it still hasn't been added. Sooooo... I would like to request it here. The only way to describe it is to take a perfect cube and to cut a slope into it but rather than cutting it from one top edge diagonally to the opposite bottom edge (which would essentially create a shape that already exists), you would cut from one top corner diagonally to the opposite bottom corner. I have an illustration I created in MS Paint that should clarify it if necessary.

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EleonGameStudios Author

Thanks for the feedback.
We are happy to add this block. Can you pls post a link to the illustration here or send us message on IndieDB with block shape illustration.

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Here is a link to the illustration...


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EleonGameStudios Author

thanks - we will integrate it for A10 :)

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