Build the homebase of your dreams in the vast, boundless skies of Elteria!

Elteria Adventures is a creative online sandbox adventure. Build impressive architectural structures. Explore a vast, fantastic and beautiful world of skybound islands. Reshape or destroy anything you encounter. Play solo, or call over your friends. Adventures await!


Your arsenal of small-sized blocks allows you to create highly detailed architectural compositions. Create a beautiful base of your dreams without it feeling too blocky or oversized!


Invite friends into your unique shard to show off or join everyone in a hub world. Take down powerful enemies, compete and build entire settlements. Conquer the world of Elteria together!


Use special Neophyte Glove to destroy the terrain with directional blasts, or crush those blocks with your trusty weapons! Reshape Elteria to your whims as you destroy any object or a surface you want to.


Live, build, destroy and fight against cute yet ferocious critters in this beautiful world with your highly customizable third person avatar!


Elteria Adventures combines cube-based landscapes with stylistic graphical choices to create breathtaking environments for you to explore and live in!
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Explore the cubified world of Elteria — a fantastic realm of skybound islands full of dangers and valuable resources! Destroy anything in your way, be it the monsters, trees and rocks, or even landscapes until there is absolutely nothing left! Build a house, a massive homebase or an entire island of your dreams using the game’s robust building mechanics! Invite your friends over for a party at your very own private archipelago, or band together to raid a hazardous biome for precious resources! Claim your own corner of Elteria, and make it your home!

Join the Open Playtest by clicking the [Request Access] button on the game’s Steam Shop page — and you’ll be automatically granted access to the game!

New indie block-building sandbox in live now!

New indie block-building sandbox in live now!


Block-building sandbox we have been developing for three years is finally live. Play for free and share your thoughts!

Story Chapters and Gameplay Changes

Story Chapters and Gameplay Changes


The Elteria experience is getting more focused and fun!

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