Eeeger is a zany, humorous 2D shooter similar to Galaga, Robotron and Geometry Wars. Take control of Eeeger as he eviscerates a never-ending army of unstable aliens. There are 9 different game modes, a medal system, and a totally gratuitous meter that keeps track of all the body parts onscreen! Do you have the guts to play this? (yes, that was a pun)

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Where's Eeeger?


Eeeger is finished and is now under the final testing process, after which it will be released. We hope.

Eeeger is a side-view 2D shooter that uses controls similar to first person shooters. A and D move Eeeger left and right, W jumps, and S dives. The mouse aims, left click shoots, and right-click fires a lightning wall. Q fires a lightning bloom attack and E activates a temporary shield. The bloom, shield, and wall all use up a super-meter, so they need to be used sparingly. They can be spammed to your heart's content, but once the super meter reaches zero, you're hosed unless you can catch a pickup from a downed enemy.

There are 9 game types, 8 of which are unlockable by earning bronze medals in the previous game mode. There are 19 different types of enemies, each one more deadly than the last. These enemies drop coins and jewels that increase your score. They also drop items that can increase Eeeger's speed, jump height, rate of fire, shot size, shot speed, and shot power. Other fun items these enemies drop include the TNT Plunger, the Voodoo Doll, armor, the Lucky Charm, the magnet, and the dreaded Can of Whoop Ass.

Our original plan was to release Eeeger through eSellerate. Unfortunately, they refuse to sell the game for any less than $4.95, and quite frankly, we want to offer it cheaper.

We've obviously submitted the game to Desura and are awaiting approval/rejection/mockery.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite for this game (aside from the video and screenshot links on Desura), we offer the following:
The Eeeger Website
The Crackhead Creations Website

Thanks for your patience and wish us luck in actually getting this game out to the hungry masses.

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