NOTE: ONLY RUNS ON OPERATING SYSTEMS NEWER THAN WINDOWS XP (WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8)! WINDOWS XP AND OLDER CANNOT RUN THE GAME! "Our planet is in turmoil! Wherever you look, there is destruction and chaos. Every force of nature seems to have been unleashed!" As the only person with the technology to set things right, you step into your time machine and travel back 900 years to change the course of history. Unfortunately, your travel is disrupted by the destabilized reality you tried to flee from, and you end up in an alternate portion of space-time: Distorted Earth. Time flows differently here, and so you estimate you have only 15 minutes to gather your bearings before the Apocalypse catches up with you again. This is the alpha version of Earth Overclocked. The full version will be released at a later date. The game will only be free during the alpha period, and after the full release the alpha version will be available as a demo.

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Halloween Update - v0.8.1.0

Halloween Update - v0.8.1.0

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New rare mini-bosses! New music! Better merchants!

Freedom Friday - Oct 25

Freedom Friday - Oct 25

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NextWorld FPS, Earth Overclocked, Logic Bomb and Western Bound fill up your freedom flasks with delicious freedom juice!

Earth Overclocked: Alpha Version - TBR October 25th

Earth Overclocked: Alpha Version - TBR October 25th


Earth Overclocked: Alpha Version is coming to Desura on the 25th of October!

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