Long Ago, Etheria was once a land of living legends… Throughout the ages, brave warriors across the realm stood together against the forces of evil, led by immortal beings known as the Old Ones… After a titanic struggle, these champions locked away the power of the Old Ones, inside Eternia Crystals…These legendary heroes have recently left their younger kin in charge of the common castle chores… Bored with their dreary duties, the inexperienced pupils decide to play… And accidentally unleash an ancient force that has long been dormant!

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Very fun game to play with friends. The item collection and leveling process add layers of replayability to keep the gameplay fresh for multiple playthroughs.


Ridiculously fun game I assure you.

The game itself is set as a tower defense type of game, positioning is very important and managing your towers is essential. The game may be frustrating because it takes about at least 20-30 minutes to get through one game, and chances of you dying are extremely high. The game is still fun though :D. There are tons of upgrades, equips, even pets. This game reminds me of a really tough RPG! Even without the DLC there are so many things that you can do.

The only reason I knocked off 2 points was because there are some really annoying glitches and trouble with controls. They aren't big game changers, but they're just annoying to deal with.

Also the settings are horrible. Low, Medium, and High Quality barely differentiate between each other if you're using a low end computer. The menu lags for me, but the game itself is playable, so I'm pretty okay with it. I think the devs should change the settings to make it more compatible with lower computers, but I doubt they'll actually do that.

Anyways, the game is fun :X, I suggest it to anyone and buy it NOW in the May Bundle, it is worth it!


I enjoyed it, but I had no one to play it with :/


Very good tower defend game. I enjoy the gameplay very well its fun with friends.


Great Co-op tower defense RPG!

There is a high barrier to entry as having a friend power level you is the only way to prepare for nightmare difficultly in a timely manner.

Some of the end-game content is ridiculously difficult, and drop rates on good items are so low that it can take forever to prepare for it.


Own this game on Steam. Great playing with friends!

Really awesome game and so fun to play with your friends but i gaved it 9/10 cause it gets boring if u do not have friends and have played it with every free character but still its nice and so any dlc will keep it fresh but yeah 9 out of 10

This game is cool but i need more improvements :)


It's a great game, but this stupid connection with Steam spoils the fun.

A great game if you're playing with friends.
Playing online is a bit risky as you don't know if the people you'll play with are nice or arseholes.

Local co-op this game is flawless.
Me and my buddies played 4 player local co-op with 4 xbox 360 controllers and blitzed the night.
We played until 8AM the next morning and levelled a lot.

If you have friends, buy this.

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Very fun game to play with friends. The item collection and leveling process add layers of replayability to keep the gameplay fresh for multiple playthroughs.

Jun 3 2012 by DForest