The Earth is under attack a lot these days. Aliens, Comets, Cyberspace Ships, and Unidentified Flying Blobs are plaguing our orbit! If enough of those things smack into the planet we’re done for! It’s up to you to destroy them with fierce electrical fury!
DragCore is an arcade style game where you trap and destroy enemies in an electric field by dragging your finger across the screen. You control four voltaic drones in space to coordinate attacks on threats from space. Tap on enemies or drag a box over a group and watch them all explode into space-bits!
Try to beat all 99 Challenges and earn points from each. Harder challenges reward you with more points, so you win big for fighting hard! Accumulate enough points to form crystals you can use to unlock new Challenges and options for Endless mode.
Endless mode lets you play any way you like. You pick the enemies, the health of Earth, and the gameplay type too!
There are tons of ways to play DragCore! Protect a tiny moving planet from swarms of alien ships, defend it by moving it with one finger while blasting space rocks with another, or guard a giant globe against gooey globs!
If you can’t save the world from space hazards, then the poor Earth is done for. You wouldn’t let that happen, right? Download DragCore now and be a hero!

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All the last minute changes ended up being the error causing add-ons so I simply removed them. The in-app purchases and Game Services are gone, leaving the game simple and pure. Just a fun and free game to play on your phone. It's nice having 4 games under my belt now, a nice portfolio and proof of tenacity.

DragCore can be found on Google Play today and Amazon Apps March 6 so go and give it a try if you're curious. You can watch the trailer for it on YouTube too. It's fast-paced action with kamikaze aliens and electric dragboxes. That's a pretty cool concept when you think about it. Give it a try today!
And good luck to anyone who can beat green and black enemies on the hardest difficulty!

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