Are you ready for a new level in online card games? Draconian Wars is possibly the most strategic and challenging online card game out there. Engage in fierce combats, manage your limited resources and outmaneuver your opponent. The battlefield is the lands and skies of Hyperborea, an exotic continent rich in natural resources, with a wide variety of ecosystems and full of amazing and terrifying creatures. Key features: - No boosters! No free2play! Every card is available for you to play. - Two different factions: Draconian and Technocrat. Each faction has completely different strategies. - 120 Unique cards and more to come. - Online mode and two different single player modes: Skirmish and Challenge. - Fully customizable decks.

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While at the time I'm writing this, the game could use some work--you can definitely see that it is a work of love. The developers definitely want to make this game as enjoyable as they can for everyone. I expect to see a lot of updates and new elements in this game. I'm sure they haven't run out of ideas.

The game itself is fun. There is a lot of strategy involved. I'm not quite sure yet how it will play against real players, as so far I've only touched the AI.

Congrats, Kardfy. I want to play against one of your developers some day soon.


the game is well presented, and many of the concepts involved will feel familiar to those with any kind of background in collectible card games. at the time of this writing the multiplayer scene is nonexistent, which was a slight disappointment. the single player content allows you to accumulate more cards to flesh out a custom deck. i would like to see the ability to use preconstructed 'starter' decks claimed from opponents in single player mode to provide a different play expereince without having to slog through match after match to gather enough cards to complete a viable custom deck.

lookin forward to seeing people on multiplayer, and interested to see how expansions for the game turn out.


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Good card game, with some interesting mechanics and nice artwork. Can't wait for more cards and modes, also guidebook was very helpful as the ingame tutorials are not that good.

Every time I've entered the multiplayer lobby it's been just me, no indication that there are other people afoot but they're currently in-game or anything like that. (I suppose this COULD be the case.. or MP is just dead.) A few more bells and whistles there (a greeter bot, something showing me average wait times to play.. i dunno, something) might help jump-start the community a bit.

As for single-player, it's a fun complex game and I've had some fun fooling around with it, but it also feels it's missing something. There's no "campaign" as such, just 5 challenges (solve a puzzle kind of deal) and 5 skirmishes.. 4 of which are special-rules fights making them no different in essence from the challenge mode.

The manual is excellent but the in-game tutorials aren't the least bit interactive (beyond it telling you exactly what to click) and with no story mode or AI difficulty settings I found the game somewhat hard to pick up. Now that I've more-or-less forced myself to learn it I can somewhat appreciate its depth.

The UI and program itself have been 100% smooth and bug-free for me so far, and I certainly can't argue with the price tag.


Extremely Addicting And Amazing Game!!!!


Great card game! Love it and worth the $3 Buy it now!

Better than I expected


One of the most comblex and original CCG, art is pretty good too. I think it is the only CCG that can be compared to Magic the Gathering, need some time to play to decide which one is better, but even now i can say that everyone who likes CCG must try it, 3$ is so cheap price, BUY IT!


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