Perfect your social distancing skills to become a distance zinger! Like everyone else, we have been practising social distancing for what seems like an eternity. While most people get it, a good few just carry on as if nothing has changed. Walking or running right beside you as if somehow, they are immune to a virus. So, we decided to create a little game to remind everyone to socially distance at all times when you are out. To succeed in the game, you must maintain a 2 meter from everyone in a busy city, while collecting the rarest of the rare paper. To survive, you must avoid groovy grannies, wild wrestlers, mega mice and runners …. lots and lots of runners! Distance Zing allows you to practise your digital distance skills in the virtual world so you can be a 2-meter distance zinger in the real world Enjoy it, stay safe and keep your distance

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A few weeks ago, we decided to make a game to encourage people to follow social distancing guidelines, following the outbreak of the coronavirus COV-19 pandemic. We found that some people were following the guidelines, while others did not maintain a safe distance. So Distance Zing was created.

The key premise of the game is to maintain a 2 meter distance from everyone else in a busy city. As you can see from playing, it is not as easy as it looks, particular when there are crowds of people wandering about. The game was created in Unity with freely available assets.

Hope you enjoy it, keep safe and keep distance zing !

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A PC beta demo with most of the game functionality

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