Dilogus - The Winds of War is a third person High Fantasy RPG action game that immerses players deep into the awe inspiring fantasy world of Dilogus, allowing them to experience it from multiple perspectives of above five unique characters in both single player and co-operative multiplayer mode on Linux and Windows platforms.

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An Asher ready to kill
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cool, reminds me of assasins creed

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I hope they are not going to become an common enemy. In the most RPGs I hate one thing the most: "Yay Elite-Soldiers which are trained to fight since they were childs and look, 10 of them including their general, but yay, you are already lvl 20 out of about 100 so you are ready to deal with all of them at the same time!".
Yeah I miss an RPG where a hard group is a group of bandits in the middle of the game (and not at the beginning). I also miss in generel where common enemys are common fighters which are believable in their number and their power (rebels, wild mans, bandits, soldiers of a in general weak lifeform= and the good fighters later are not common enemys, they still should be rare but the common enemys just should be harder (you know, like the leveling for enemys like in oblivion, just not so extream).
But I love the style of this char very much. Looks very powerfull and skilled and also mysterious. Like I said prevoously: I hope they will not be presented as week by becomming a common enemy. But I also hope to see them more often (like in a camp of them where you can talk to them?).
I think the time will tell me what you have decided to do and I am realy looking forward to future updates of this awesome stuff you are doing at the moment.

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Desiderium Author

This is one of the 6 playable characters. =) Thou this is just a general depiction of a typical "Asher". It's a race, not an "enemy" - so it can be You, an Ally or an Enemy in various forms.

But I totally agree with what you wrote except that the game will not going to adjust enemies to your level, but to zones.

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NiCE !

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As'her, also called "Corrupted Azarthians" in the time of the Great War, are savage but well organized creatures of the Northern Frozenlands, Raging Mountains, and Varymun, also known as the "City of the Risen." They were known for their racial affinity to the art of the kill, and their unmatchable skill at crafting short blades of various types.

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