Combining its own unique take on the real-time roguelike genre, with a nostalgic 16-bit look and feel; Diehard Dungeon is a game that feels both familiar and quite different at the same time, "occupying a curious middle ground between The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac". [Edge online 2012] Followed by a trusty, treasure collecting companion chest, the player must make their way through the dungeons many randomly-generated rooms and levels. Armed with a sword and a ‘hand cannon’, all manner of nasty dungeon dwellers, bosses and traps will need to be defeated or traversed in order to emerge from the dungeon victorious! To aid them in their quest, the player may be lucky enough to encounter one or more upgrades, or new abilities, scattered throughout the dungeon. A randomly generated dungeon is created every playthrough. Discover the dungeons many secrets and multiple outcomes. Do you have what it takes to survive the dungeon?

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Version 1.4 "Evolving The Formula" (Games : Diehard Dungeon : Forum : Patch Information : Version 1.4 "Evolving The Formula") Locked
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Oct 2 2013 Anchor

Version 1.4 is now live!

Full list of changes:


  • All routes are hard at high ranks.
  • Best ending achieved by exiting the dungeon at maximum rank, releasing Champions and defeating the Dungeon Master.
  • Companion Chest drops tokens as it collects treasure.
  • Dungeon Master ambushes – the dungeon master will release a
    spectre to fight you, if or when he deems you to be a threat. The higher
    your rank, the more likely this will be.
  • Enemies are now susceptible to all status effects.
  • Enemy and Trap projectiles will now collide with all enemies and containers, and not just the player.
  • Final gold chest will drop tokens if already opened in a previous playthrough.
  • Hard routes are unavailable at low ranks.
  • If destroyed, chests will drop either a heart or a token.
  • New ability – Immune to Fear.
  • New collectible – EXP. Increases your experience towards the next rank.
  • New collectible – Heart Container. Increase the maximum number of hearts you can collect (20 maximum).
  • New collectible – Tokens. Use on Token Wells (see below).
  • New enemy – Bandit. A hardened fighter.
  • New enemy – Shield Runner. Relentless, spiked shield carrying enemy that will only stop when killed.
  • New enemy – Sprite. Emits Fear and Poison shockwaves when it’s attacked or senses danger.
  • New exit criteria – Pyramids. Emits Fear, Poison and Daze
    shockwaves, has a shield and must be destroyed in order to exit the
  • New game logo.
  • New gameplay mechanic – Token Wells. Expend a token for a chance to receive a random bonus.
  • New status effect – Fear. You lose control and flee.
  • New trap – Spinning arrow shooter.
  • Player projectiles produce a splash on impact with water.
  • Ranks – The better you play, the higher your rank becomes.
  • Stats – Rank, Time Played, Escapes, Times Died and more is recorded and viewable.
  • Status effect precidence – Fire > Fear > Poison > Daze
  • spinning blade to Mayhem (spawns at level 10).


  • Challenge rooms removed from possible teleport destinations and replaced with a Token Well room.
  • Chest winnings are now dropped instead of being automatically collected.
  • Game completely rebalanced.
  • Mayhem score system. Kill enemies with an active status effect to earn more points.
  • Player/Enemy speed is reduced slightly when walking on water.
  • Water extinguishes fire much faster!


  • Bomb pots no longer activate by simply coming into contact with something.
  • Control pad no longer vibrates if using mouse/keyboard controls.
  • Dungeon Master portrait image fixed.
  • Fire engulf time bug fixed.
  • Many, many minor fixes and alterations.
  • Many, many particles improved and new ones added.
  • Many, many sprites improved or re-created.
  • Player will no longer exit an area by being hit into the exit. The
    player will only leave if they move into the exit intentionally.
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