Combining its own unique take on the real-time roguelike genre, with a nostalgic 16-bit look and feel; Diehard Dungeon is a game that feels both familiar and quite different at the same time, "occupying a curious middle ground between The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac". [Edge online 2012] Followed by a trusty, treasure collecting companion chest, the player must make their way through the dungeons many randomly-generated rooms and levels. Armed with a sword and a ‘hand cannon’, all manner of nasty dungeon dwellers, bosses and traps will need to be defeated or traversed in order to emerge from the dungeon victorious! To aid them in their quest, the player may be lucky enough to encounter one or more upgrades, or new abilities, scattered throughout the dungeon. A randomly generated dungeon is created every playthrough. Discover the dungeons many secrets and multiple outcomes. Do you have what it takes to survive the dungeon?

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cst003 says

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Fantastic dungeon crawler. Love the graphics and gameplay. Gamepad support is also a HUGE bonus!


Really fun Rogue-zelda-like with a surprising amount of depth, charm and dangers. Highly recommended if you like action rogue-likes! My favorite aspects are randomized dungeons, awesome upgrades, fun bosses and of course, permanent death! One point taken out of 10 for the inability to save and exit (not save and reload)

Excellent game with solid mechanics. This game features a simplified approach to the hack n' slash and brings in simple physics ala Crossfire a popular boardgame from the early nineties. A cute companion, the bottomless chest, follows you around throughout the game collecting treausre and occasionally upgrading itself. Even at this early stage the game shows a high degree of polish and is an excellent candidate for being Greenlit especially if the developer decides to make this a budget title ($5 to $10 range).


Great game, worth wayyyy more than the asking price.

This is an okay game i would reccomend this game to people that like the old legend of zelda games


Nomine says

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only 4 way melee combat is so poor in this game especially when shielded enemies come at you and you cant shield yourself from their frontal attack. it makes the game frustrating to play and learn early on.

It's heart's in the right place but there's nothing here we haven't all done before. Really, it's just another competent rogue-like with cute graphics. Worth several playthroughs before it gathers dust.

I didn't like the way if you die you have to start from the beginning, and I had a hard time with the fact that I couldn't swing my sword while also moving, it made maneuvering hard for me, so I would die, and then I'd be sent back, and that was annoying when I have other games I could play instead.


The attack move is kind of inflexible. It is hard to move while attacking. Especially when targeting using guns. I guess I am not really into this type of game..

Really looking forward to future updates and additional content on this one.

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Fantastic dungeon crawler. Love the graphics and gameplay. Gamepad support is also a HUGE bonus!

Apr 19 2013 by cst003