Gory arcade rail shooter directly from hell.

There is no room in hell anymore. The gates of hell are now open and the dead and deamons are walking on earth.

Destroy all deamons and kill the zombies to rescue the souls of this sinners, so there can be room again in hell.

- 3 Game Modes: Headshot Mania, Story, Chasing Points

- 6 Level, 6 Boss Battles

- Choose your path trough the level

- Different weapons

- Collectables

- Combo-Bonus for points

... and of course endless deamon and zombie hordes.

Only a headshot helps.

Aim at the head, this is the only way to kill them.

You can kill all zombies the way you like In story mode.

Fight your way through 6 different level at different locations.

You beginn your fight at earth and you will end it in hell.

Only Highscore matters …

- Get more points with a higher combo-bonus.

- Shooting at the head or the body will count for different points.

But be carefull, if you miss your target the combo-bonus will reset to 0.

6 Level, 6 Boss Battles.

Fight your way trough locations on earth and hell.

Millitary outposts, surreal places and much more awaiting you.

Decide wich way you go.

Choose at certain places in the level the path you want to go, to find all the collectables.

Choose your weapon loadout.

Select one primary and one secondary weapon to master all the challenges of the level.

Collect different collectables to master challenges.

Do not miss your target.

You can increase your combo-bonus if you hit targets you earn points from.

The moment you miss your target your combo-bonus will reset and fall back to 0 ...

The development of the game is still in an early phase.

This means, right now the game will have still a lot of minor and major changes to come.

We will keep you informend.

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A new and improved demo of the game is now live and available for download on steam.

The new demo includes:

  • A much more improved gore system
  • New enemy models
  • Improved corsshairs
  • Feedback on shooting
  • Points for dismembering
  • Improved response to damage you take

I hope you will give it a try and have a lot of fun while playing.

Splash png


Splash png 1

Die to Survive - Gore / Splatter FX update

Die to Survive - Gore / Splatter FX update


An update for the gore system of the game. Added broken bones, dismembering limbs, particle FX functions.

Gore system improvements - Headshots

Gore system improvements - Headshots

News 2 comments

Headshot gore system, last function test. Working on gore improvements for the funniest part of the game.

Crosshair respons and color blindness check

Crosshair respons and color blindness check


A test on how the animation of the crosshairs respond and look like while shooting and how this would look like for a person with color blindness.

Demo version 1.0.2 available

Demo version 1.0.2 available

News 2 comments

Based on feedback a extended version of the demo is now available on steam.

EMBRStudios - - 7 comments

Love the way the light reflects off of the environment in this one! Great game concept, different than other zombie-style games. Is this game in Alpha?

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rls-it Creator
rls-it - - 4 comments

Hi EMBRSudios, thank you for your kind words. I am glad you like it.
At the moment i rebuild the automatic movement system.
So i would say the project as a whole is somewhere in the middle between prototype and alpha status right now.
Edit: Added a short video how the movement looks at the moment.

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