You awaken in a cave, in the middle of nowhere, with your only source of light being a torch. A mysterious man who claims to be your guide attempts to lead you out. But a voice by the name of The Temptation informs you that he's lying... It's up to you to decide who to trust.


A following AI for The Temptation
Created with Unity Pro, so there are things such as shadows.
Hi-definition textures
A one-shot experience - no checkpoints, no respawns.
Filled with not only jumpscares, but atmosphere and story.
Not only is it a horror game, but it contains some puzzles as well.

If you truly want to know the basis of the story, click here (NOTE - this spoiler DOES inform you of the true meaning behind the game! If you plan to play it and take something away from it, I would recommend you NOT click it!):

The main character, Matthew Stevens, is a depressed young man. He has often contemplated committing suicide. He has enlisted a psychiatrist's help for his depression. The psychiatrist tries to guide him through his troubles, and is hence the guide. However, he is not sure if he can resist his temptation to commit suicide... The temptation is actually the same person as you - the whole game is a struggle inside the mind of Matt for control - between the guide and the temptation. Upon looking back, you die instantaneously - this represents looking back at all the bad times and doing yourself in.

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Starting Cutscene


Hey guys, Qui of Fallen King Interactive here. Today we got a ton done - we added an entire starting cutscene, a functional play button to the title screen, and a skip button to said cutscene. Expect much more soon!

Coming up:
A crouch system (already in development)
Improved audio
Better AI for the Temptation
And more!

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