Death Goat is a bloody twin-stick shooter featuring hordes of brutal enemies & eardrum destroying Heavy Metal. Featuring the music of Between The Buried And Me, God Forbid, Holy Grail, Vanisher, Konkeror, Immortal Guardian, Lorelei and Ovid's Withering.

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this game is just awesome I just hope it will have some dlc with new maps and musics but it's already pretty cool


Classic twin stick gameplay with really amazing art style to it and smooth gameplay. This is a very pretty game, which sounds odd to say given the premise of it. Everything in it is good, just would like to see a little more of it thrown in there. Right now, it is a must buy for fans of the genre, indies, or twin stick shooters. With a few new enemies, backgrounds, songs, maybe even more playable characters or weapons and some mini bosses tossed in and this game would shame some of the games major studios put out with huge budgets and teams of devs behind them. Still, this is one game to grab, and a group to keep an eye on for more games in the future.


Great game, even better soundtrack

Death Goat:

A very simple game that offers fast and energetic gameplay with a rocking metal soundtrack.

The control scheme is very simple and easy to use akin to The Binding of Issac's WASD and spacebar controls which in that regard its easy to learn but hard to master.

The goal of the game is to cause as much carnage as possible racking up your score until you meet your untimely demise as you will have to survive and slaughter swarms upon swarms of demonic hellspawn all after your blood. Armed with a variety of demonic powers and upgrades you will be laying waste to everything in your path. Just don't get overwhelmed, 1 hit from any creature is your timely death and considering you got only 3 lives to last you to the end of the game, you better make them last.

The mechanics are very simple and unfortunately the game also suffers from the simplicity. The game only has 3 total maps which can grow rather stale over time. The character roster while hilarious in some aspects with its tongue in cheek nature don't really play to differently from one another.

The game on the other hand offers a fast style arcade twitch shooter with enough blood , guts and metal to keep gorehounds and metalheads at bay. But if you are not a fan of metal, the concept might turn some people off from the game but it does have its place and it does have its market.

Some bands on the soundtrack are some notable bands in the metal community such as God Forbid, Between The Buried and Me, Holy Grail and many more.

One thing I think the game lacks is the re-playablity factor. Since all the scores are exclusive to you the player you are not really encouraged to continue playing even if it to unlock a character. Also the lacking presence of an online leaderboard system is questionable in this stage of release but I'll have to wait and see if anything comes of it.

Overall, if you are into metal and have a thirst for violence. Look no further, This game is for you and for $3 its a ******* steal.


REALLY FUN GAME.. You dont need to think, just kill.. So funny. Great waste of time, you gonna disapear, and suddenly u have been playing for hours.. I recomend this to every one who likes fast gaming, and just like to kill stuff. :D




This game has a great soundtrack and is perfect for when you have half an hour of time to kill. It also has some funny features which i won't spoil for you now ;)

Trash simply trash.....


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