Dealer's Life is a funny tycoon game where you manage your own pawn shop. Haggle with procedurally generated customers to buy and sell procedurally generated items!

Have fun for hours and use all your negotiation, psychology and management skills to create your pawn empire! Thanks to procedural generation and random events you'll never know what's coming next!

Dealer’s Life main features:

  • Infinite items to buy and sell, all procedurally generated, with fake and counterfeit items to avoid (or exploit!).
  • Infinite customers to haggle with, each with his own personality and appearance, all procedurally generated. Will you manage to recognize their personalty only by looking at them?
  • The most technically advanced haggling engine you’ve ever seen.
  • Be the smartest and quickest bidder and beat your rivals to buy prestigious items in exciting auctions!
  • Customize your character's skills and play different games depending on what you decide to increase, finding the game style that suits you most.
  • Manage your pawn shop’s features: keep track of your inventory, position in town, maximum number of customers per day and many more.
  • Hire employees to help you with your job: search for the best experts, restorers, forgers, profilers, analysts, clerks and many others. Buy, repair, estimate and resell for huge gain!
  • Random events, recurrent characters and different game endings will make every game a unique experience!
  • Lots of humour and quotes from cult movies and videogames

Thousands of unique customers, with unique behaviors and traits: they all behave differently during negotiations according to their unique psychological traits which are reflected on their appearance. It’s up to you, with the help of your character Insight skill, to understand who you have in front of you, how to treat them, when to push and when you will have to just accept their offer.

Try to amass enough money to transfer to a new pawn shop with a better look and better city placement: your daily number of customers will surely grow! And keep your inventory full of items, collecting legendary items to attract even more customers!

Fight the market to become the best trader out there and live the ultimate pawn shop experience with Dealer’s Life!

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Hello and welcome to all Great Dealers out there!

We have great news today. This is the huge news we always hinted all our announcements at during these last months. The kind of news that was so hard to keep secret and that we'd like to shout to the world...

Now we can finally reveal to you... Dealer's Life 2!

You know how much we worked on Dealer's Life and how much we have improved it during these wonderful four years since its first Android build, but we always knew that our game could have been even better if we had built it on more solid foundations. In order to do this we had to rebuild the whole game with wonderful new graphic assets and an even better refactored code.

header v2

Dealer’s Life 2 graphics are insanely beautiful, so full of character and humor, so much rich in details and colors and the entire interface of the game has been greatly improved and polished. Thanks to the refactored code, Dealer's Life 2 gameplay is enriched with new features and improvements, even more can be developed with many already planned!

Here's a proof that shows how much the graphic quality has been improved!

Everything is so much better and we are so happy that we’ve finally come to the point that all of you Great Dealers will soon be able to enjoy what we’re creating for you!
Right now, all core mechanics are working smoothly, we have already developed some new mechanics (e.g.: random events with choices! Pawner customers!) and we are working a lot in order to take this title to the peak we’re planning to reach!

screen 3 english

For that, we will initially release the game in Early Access and we will continue working on it during the following months improving mechanics, adding new features and a ton of new content, with our beloved community help and feedback.

Here’s a quick list of our planned improvements:

  • New items, for a total of at least 800 different items that will be used to generate an infinite amount of variations. You’ll be able to browse them in a new Item Catalogue feature
  • New customer appearances with new poses, new faces, hairs and clothes that will make each new customer a unique blend of surprise and wonder
  • Holiday themed content: dedicated special characters and possibly quests, dedicated shops graphics, dedicated items and customer appearances
  • New visual effects and animations
  • New encounters and special characters, new stories, difficult decisions to make and challenging tasks to complete
  • Improvements on the negotiation engine to reproduce each possible behaviour or trait of a real customer
  • Game difficulty levels, in order to let everyone play Dealer’s Life 2 with the preferred amount of challenge
  • New types of auction
  • New ways to make money (and get loans) through the bank
  • New unlockable characters to play with unique powerful avatars
  • The great Trophy Hall, a new main menu section in which you can check the best items you’ve found while playing
  • A ton of achievements and leaderboards

... And we are sure we are forgetting something here.

We can’t wait to show you everything we have in mind! As always we'll track everything in our Public Roadmap, just let us prepare everything in these following days after this big announcement!

shops new

We hope you are as excited as we are, let us know what you think in the comments!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment

Dealer’s Life 1.23 Update: Landmarks and Souvenirs

Dealer’s Life 1.23 Update: Landmarks and Souvenirs

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Dealer's Life is now on sale at 20% off with the new 1.23 update! 30+ brand new items included, all related to landmarks and art pieces from all around...

Dealer’s Life 1.22 Update: Games and Legends

Dealer’s Life 1.22 Update: Games and Legends

News 2 comments

The new 1.22 update is now available to all Dealer's Life players!

Dealer's Life Winter Event and Steam Winter Sale!

Dealer's Life Winter Event and Steam Winter Sale!


Dealer's Life now at 40% off during Steam Winter Sale with in-game Winter event!

Dealer’s Life 1.19 update: Stability Update

Dealer’s Life 1.19 update: Stability Update


The new 1.19 update is now available to all Dealer's Life players!

LunarShuriken - - 1,275 comments

Funny art, I like it!

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