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Good weapon customizations, hundred of zombies at one screen to kill. Few cool mini games to enjoy. But the indoor situation made me bored quickly.

You have so many weapons to use and find, not to mention experiment in creating new ones by combining certain weapons at a work bench (nothing a little duct tape can't handle :D). Hundreds of zombies on screen at once. LOVELY!

My issues however a few and perhaps significant. The game deteriorates weapons quite fast, even if they are made of metal, mechanical or of very durable plastics/rubber and synthetic material. This is in place to encourage players to take new weapons as they go, theres always something you can use as a weapon nearby.. but some people may find it irritating to have their favourite weapon desolve after a few minutes.
A simple mod can fix this however :)

Another issue is the fact the game is on a set timer, ones it runs out you start from the beginning but you keep your experience points. So the timer is 'limiting your fun', but this so called disadvantage is actually a good point because it means theres always more to see and do, so it encourages multiple playthroughs. Problem is it's so limited that it prevents you from doing the side quests so you have to make a choice between doing 1 or 2 side quests and the campaign, or focus solely on the side quests and then do the campaign on a later playthrough... I didn't much like playing this way.
Luckily theres a time altering trainer out there :D

The real problems however are the console port issues. The game would not allow you to change its controls which is a big no no for me, it required editing a file to get me the controls I wanted.

Another issue I find is the fact that the levels "reset" each time you leave and visit them. Basically what that means is all the zombies you killed come back to life, the items you took (or ate) respawn, and the windows and chairs you broke mend themselves together like nothing happened. Theres no better way to turn players off than to make it seem like they have no impact on the world... I don't understand this game design choice.


Very fun game, had a blast for months playing it.


greatest zombie game ever

Great variety of weapons, nice large location, and many hours of gameplay time... that is, if the story didn't end after 72 hours of game time. That, plus being forced to save all the time to not lose hours of progress brings down an otherwise excellent game.




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