DayBreak is a zombie apocalypse survival game with an open world. Freethorn once was a lovely, friendly place. The children played at the playground or in the extensive forest around the town. The neighbors knew each other and tried to help where they could. However, a nuclear disaster occurred. As a result nearly everyone on the planet died.
There are only a few survivors left, who are struggling for their lives. But they're not the only remnants left on this planet. Some humans are mutated. Zombies
. And they are hungry. Hungry for human meat! You are playing one of the survivors. You have to eat, drink and sleep. Food and water is rare. You have to wander around, sneak into the abandoned houses and always have to be careful. The zombies are everywhere!
Can you survive long enough to find fuel and a car? Long enough to deactivate the broken atomic reactor and safe the world? DayBreak has a story.
Multiplayer is planned for the future. You can play it under Windows and Linux (soon).
DayBreak, a retro-looking Zombie 2D Top-Down
Game. Are you ready to safe Freethorn?

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DayBreak Indev 1.4


We, Hule Studios, proudly announce the release of our first downloadable version of DayBreak!
If you were able to play the game before, the following changelog is interesting for you.


  • Areas:
    Added a park
    Added a basketball court
    Added a farm
    Added a little forest

  • Graphics:
    3 new Wood textures
    7 new tile textures
    Straw texture
    Mud texture
    Stone/Sand path texture
  • Misc:
    Added new vehicles(bus and tractor)
    Added some foliage and decoration elements
    Added more houses to the city

You can download the new version through the launcher by pressing the "Update" button.
If the game crashes on launch, try to change to windowed mode, ignore the error message(click continue) and relaunch the game.

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DayBreak Launcher Windows

DayBreak Launcher Windows

Full Version

This is the launcher software for DayBreak. Use it to download and play DayBreak.


Zombie crocodiles <3

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Rawr <3

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Nice game! :D Good Job

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One of the best games on IndieDB I've ever played! Huuuuuuuuge Thanks for creating this <33

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looks nice, keep working :)

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This Twitter Account is dead. If you want more about me, then just follow @Chinafreak , this is my account. ;)

Aug 22 2015

RT @HuleBall: It is here! ~ Alpha v0.5 Gameplay: via @YouTube #indiedev #gamedev #Alpha #gameplay

Sep 10 2014

from now I've already added 6 new pixel fonts! Because it is going well, this font is now on sale! #gamedev #pixelart

Jul 7 2014 there is a small gameplay of the surviving soul guard! #gamedev #indiedev #TheSurvivingSoulGuard

Jun 18 2014

I'm selling DayBreak assets, have luck! :)

Jun 12 2014

#ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #indiegamedev #pixelart I'm just done with GUI for The Surviving Soul Guard:

Jun 7 2014

Screenshot Saturday Time! #gamedev #saturdayscreenshot #indiegamedev just follow @soulguardgame for more info! :)

May 31 2014

Yes this is ref-link but I just need your help, my memory on dropbox ist full and 500mb extra would be really cool!

May 30 2014

ew, forget to post Screenshot Saturday! #gamedev #saturdayscreenshot #SoulGuardSaturday

May 25 2014