Damnatio is a game about friendship, love, ponies and cuddly little beings called ... Wait, no no no! It's a hardcore 2D multiplayer shooter with fully destructible environment, neat line of sight system, custom game engine and packed with features. Think about 2D Worms + Counter-Strike + unique features and you are pretty close. Currently supported game modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Demolition (plant a bomb).

Plans for the future include single player, better sound, new weapons, better bots (teach them how to use all weapons), new maps and new game modes.

Single player is currently under development and it will be mission based.

Public Alpha: www.damnatio.net/downloads/ (or download from this site)

Website: www.damnatio.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ApinaLabs
Twitter: twitter.com/ApinaLabs

  • Support for PC, Mac, Linux
  • Control one of the four unique characters against other players (soldier, robot, agent, witch)
  • Rock solid multiplayer support for up to 32 players
  • Tons of different weapons and traps. Throw grenades, shoot with laser, lay mines etc. etc. It’s all there.
  • Dig tunnels to create some really unique situations and strategies
  • Gametypes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, demolition
  • Deadly bots
  • Server browser
  • Replay system with automatic recording
  • Custom game engine with fully destructible environment and a great line of sight system
  • Maps support pixel perfect detail
  • Easy map creation
  • Control deadly remote controlled machines (chopper, predator, death orb, mini dragon)
  • Full persistent statistics. Percent of damage per weapon etc.
  • Automatic patching system
  • Ingame chat
  • Dedicated servers with auto-patching
  • Configuration files for advanced tweaking
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This big patch features a new and improved bot gameplay. Bots are now better at moving and use many new weapons. Mines, big lasers, small lasers, light balls, grenades etc.

The focus was to make bots more like human players, and it certainly feels like that. Also there is now a lot more destruction because of this as the gameplay video demonstrates. See you in game!

Public Alpha Here: www.damnatio.net/downloads/

  • Improved bot path finding
  • Bots know how to use more weapons
  • Witch and Agent now available for bots
  • Network code tweaks
  • Weapon balance update

Damnatio: Public Alpha Launches!

Damnatio: Public Alpha Launches!


Damnatio Public Alpha is now available! Compete against other players and bots in this feature rich 2D multiplayer shooter with fully destructible environment...

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