Puzzle solving
Solve hundreds of puzzles related to the core concept of shrinking and growing cubes. Different cube types add variety later.

Tough enemies
There will be robots and trolls that you need to defeat with cubes! Drop explosive cubes on their head, make them fall into traps, and many more ways to destroy them.

Dotted around the dungeon are chests that give you coins. Spend coins at dispensers to earn yourself boosts for gameplay.

Dynamic characters
Some characters will be neutral to your mission. How you engage with them is what determines their attitude towards you. Will they then help you defeat the robots or team up against you?
Later:Cooperative mode and multiplayer.

You were promised a paradise, love and security. A wizard guaranteed it, but upon walking through the portal of dreams you dropped into a world of darkness and horror. Now you must work your way out of the dungeon and traps of the wizard, and find what you were promised. Upon searching through the labyrinth of evil, you find allies, friends, and horrific enemies.

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Hi all,

I've now implemented level 2 and a new feature; the red beams! They stop cubes from shrinking or growing.

I have also improved the lighting in the game to make it less 'orangey' and added a fully animated enemy; the cyclops!

Being a lone developer, it will take time, but I can't wait to give you guys an update when I've added enemies to fight, picking up cubes and being able to spend your coins on cool perks. Here's also some fresh screenshots.





Cubeo Screenshot 2017 09 16   20



Cubeo announcement

Cubeo announcement

News 4 comments

Cubeo announcement with first-look trailer and screenshots.

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