Cornflower Corbin is a family friendly, campy, side scrolling shooter about a whale, with a laser, that is trying to get the love of his life back after the evil Mecha Shark takes her from him. He is painfully assisted by his best friend Paul, an oversize clown fish that jokes a little too much, and has to battle his way through a barrage of enemies to get her back. Corbin's secret power is in his growth. You see the bigger he gets, the harder his lasers hit. But beware, he also gets slower and becomes a bigger target, so finding a balance in size to damage is key. The game is set up to be stat heavy with leaderboards. So get ready to compete with other players by taking out more turtles and sharks than they do.


  • Procedural generated enemies making the game change a little bit each time you play
  • Five levels of action including 5 boss fights and 3 mini boss fights
  • Endurance mode where the waves just keep on coming
  • Leaderboards and stat collection for things like shots fired and sharks taken out

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Let's cover the basics


So, we launch today at 4pm EST on Steam, so I wanted to take this opportunity to explain a couple things.

Basic controls. Use WASD on the keyboard to move, or the left analog stick on a controller. Pretty standard stuff there right? Space Bar or the Right Trigger will shoot. Use Enter or the 'A' button to advance on buttons or in the comic books stories. You can turn on/off sounds and music in the options menu, available off the main menu and the pause menu (ESC or the start button in game). You can also go windowed mode or border-less windowed mode. We do not do a true full screen.

Blowfish blowfish BlowingUp 018

Basically, you need to navigate your way through the levels and defeat the bosses along the way. Shooting causes you to grow, growing makes your lasers stronger, but also makes you slower and easier to get hit. This is an arcade style game so there are no continues, you have to make it through from end to end with the lives given. It's not easy, are you up for the challenge?

To help you out, these are the power ups you will see in the game.

Krill is what you will see to heal you:

Purple Power Ups give you double damage:

Red Power Ups give you a triple split laser:

Blue Power Ups give you a shield:

We also offer an endurance mode, that is a single life, wave clearing never ending run. Basically a score chaser for the leader boards. You can play the story levels on a single level basis after you beat the level.


That's basically it guys. We hope you enjoy this fun little campy whale shoot 'em up. We have had fun making it.

Porthole PortHole Seahorse Idle

In the near future we are going to offer Workshop for the dialog of the game, so someone can localize it for other languages or tell a different story with the comics, and most importantly, tell different jokes. More on that later.

Corbin Releasing and Violent Sol Kickstarting

Corbin Releasing and Violent Sol Kickstarting

News 1 comment

We've been really busy lately. Corbin is launching this Thursday and a Kickstarter for Violent Sol Worlds is coming on Friday. It's going to be a big...

Cornflower isn't gone

Cornflower isn't gone


It's been a little while since we have had an update on our oversized whale with a laser. That's because we have been hard at work on our other project...

Corbin Mini Boss Fight

Corbin Mini Boss Fight


The Afterthought Games team has been hard work the past few weeks turning Corbin into something that will be fun for kids and adults. One of our main...

Kids playing the new level

Kids playing the new level


I had my 3 and 4 year old play the new co op version on Cornflower Corbin. They had a lot of fun.

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+5 nice

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