This game has been in planning and development for quite some time and has been on an off due to some device set backs. I am currently doing the majority of the work for developing this game, Graphics/Programming/Level&Map Designs and Story plotting, my friend is helping me out music and sound effects. God bless his soul, he has already created a sample track for the game.

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Music sample


Currently Happening:

At this point Coo's Escape is in its alpha stages, most of the core mechanics of game-play are finished but overall still there is a lengthy road ahead. Since I am doing all of the art, animations and programming myself it seems like I am jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other, however I would like to have some in-game footage shot soon but for now you can listen to this music sample created by my talented friend. I hope you guys like it :) I sure do.

CreepMist- In-Game Music Sample

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