Condemned: Criminal Origins, a suspense-filled, first-person psychological thriller game, allows players to experience an unnatural level of psychological tension as they use their instincts, forensic tools to track serial killers and bring them to justice. Gamers will play as Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent in the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through detailed urban environments filled with deadly sociopaths who lurk on the periphery of humanity. Condemned: Criminal Origins features brutal melee combat, photo-realistic backdrops, life-like physics, and highly sophisticated artificial intelligence. Weapons and ammunition are scarce, leaving the player to improvise against a gallery of mentally deranged criminals. Careful detective work and precision reflexes are a player's primary means of survival. Inspired in part by the films of the psychological thriller sub-genre, Condemned: Criminal Origins maintains an intense, focused pace.

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Wow, superb game... but the ending is not quite clear...

Unique game for 2005.


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A unique and very atmospheric first person melee/fps designed as a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge throguh the entire game.

The game is a little bit short and would otherwise got a 10/10.


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Замечательный хоррор, не похожий на все остальные. Красивый дизайн уровней, интересный геймплей, и непревзойдённая атмосфера обеспечат вам полное погружение в мир игры - город, полный мрачных закоулков и заброшенных зданий.

A horror game done right.

You play an investigator hunting down a serial killer who kills serial killers. While at the same time running from the police who suspect you of murder.

You use various tools, as well as some psychic visions, to examine clues and evidence.
Your friend Rosa, a forensics at HQ, whom you are in contact with throughout the game analyses all the clues sent to her and helps you.

Game focuses on melee.
Combat is well done. You need to block, move forward and back and time your attacks. Certain melee weapons have secondary uses to break doors or locks (fire axe, sledge hammer, crowbar)

You may also find ranged weapons with limited ammo in them. Shotguns and pistols.
Unfortunately you may find sub-machine guns occasionally. And i wish the game did not have them. But they are rare, plus the ammo is limited.

Checkpoints are position perfectly. The game also has a quick save feature which i dont use since checkpoints are well positioned.



Really good game i just completed it.
A good 7+ hour gameplay with good storyline and atmosphere.
A few jumpscares here and there but still the creepy enviroments.



Amazing game, making their way to the bone! Music, atmosphere, gameplay - is perfect!
Ten hours of leisurely soaked in anxiety, fear and stench of slum dwellers. From walking instead of constant running, the cruel and brutal, bloody massacre, requiring attention to detail, because we did not come here to kill, but to investigate. Slowly approaching the roundabout, we further penetrate into the cabinet of curiosities waste civilization unnecessary things, abandoned buildings, and citizens who lost the remnants of his humanity.
School, village farm, a library, subway, supermarket, train station ... Add the twilight, convex mangy rust on the walls, piles of garbage, soft shadows, pixel shader, hallucinations, gut-wrenching soul sound effects, ruthless villains, and you get a perfect score for a loosening of the nerves. Eternal Torch, whose bright beam visible only Ethan, not calm shaking hands - the authors skillfully playing on the expectations of the viewer. They inject into blood adrenaline to within a second and strictly measure a doze of fear. Monolith whispered, "boo" - and you jump. Because a truly creepy.


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