This is my first Android game, and hopefully will be the first I ever finish ad release. The aim is to reach the highest travelled distance you can muster, while collecting coins and spending them at the store to gain an extra advantage while in game. The game gets faster and ever more intense, which requires quick and precise thinking while you try to navigate through the game and avoid death.

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Hey guys!Has been quite some time since i've posted on here, may have been partly from slackness, but also from how busy i have been over the past few months. Have finished my Diploma, started university, and have been doing a lot of exciting/creative things. But more importantly, i have been giving my game, which is now called "Primitive" a make over, as well as my whole business identity. Check out the in game photos and stay tuned, as in the next few weeks it will be officially released on IOS and Android!

Exciting times ahead, Cheers, Billy.

Colour Runner Store!

Colour Runner Store!


Have been very busy lately slowly but surely implementing the store section of the game where all hard earned coins shall be spent!

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