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In this article, we take a more in-depth look at the Socialist Star Republic

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Established in 2075, the Socialist Star Republic is currently the greatest military power in the solar system. Its immense fleet and huge military makes it a force to be reckoned with, but its true power comes from its two supercapital-class carriers, each of them over four kilometer long.

The SSR currently has two million soldiers, two thirds of them in the Navy, which holds thirty Broadsword-class battleships, one hundred and fifty-one Phoenix-class battlecruisers and four hundred and seventy-three Shortsword-class frigates. In addition, the SSR military flies thousands of fighters and corvettes and can deploy almost a thousand tanks and APCs.

Although considering itself a republic and even having a democratic constitution, the SSR is, in truth, a military dictatorship. The leadership of the SSR justifies this by the fact that it has no civilian population, to form a government. As stated in the Declaration of Martial Law, the Joint Chiefs of Staff assume the leadership of the state, in the lack of a civilian government. And as the SSR has no civilian population and drafts all of its citizens into the military, at the age of 17, it has effectively transformed itself into an army with a country.

Life in the Socialist Star Republic follows a strict military code, as the country is in a perpetual state of emergency. The central government maintains a total control over the population, through the mixed use of force and propaganda.

The SSR is also the only faction to have an industrial infrastructure capable of producing armament, which also forms its only export.


The Socialist Star Republic was the third and last of the three major factions, to be formed. Its birth came soon after the end of the Colony Wars, in 2075, following a brief period of civil war, which was officially ended by the victory of the Navy's 1st Fleet, over the rebel 3rd Auxiliary.

It officially came into being with the signing of its constitution, the Declaration of Martial Law, which decrees that the Socialist Star Republic is a democratic state, which finds itself in a "State of Emergency", therefore making it necessary to maintain martial law until the crisis has passed.

Ceres, the largest of the SSR's numerous asteroid bases, was decreed its capital and throughout most of 2075, a large number of logistics reforms were passed and implemented. In 2076, faced with a food shortage, the Socialist Star Republic attempted to blockade Mars and force the fledgeling Islamic Federation into lowering its food prices. After nearly starting an interplanetary war, the leaders of the SSR agreed to meet with the Senate of the Islamic Federation and signed a treaty, which recognized the Federation's monopoly on agriculture, but also established the Asteroid Belt as the sovereign territory of the Republic, allowing it to enforce taxes on interplanetary trade.

The Europan Dominion was never invited to the Treaty of Phobos negotiations and, to this day, it contests the Socialist Star Republic's right to enforce taxes on passing ships. This is one of the factors which contributes to the state of animosity between the SSR and the Dominion, another being the fact that the original countries who's colonists formed the two factions, were enemies during the Third World War.

Diplomatic Relations

The Socialist Star Republic is currently neutral towards the Islamic Federation and it enjoys a profitable trading pact with it. Also, the SSR exports a large amount of weapons to the Federation, which are then sold to private individuals and mercenary companies, making their rifles the most common in the solar system.

There is a high degree of animosity between the Socialist Star Republic and the Europan Dominion, due to territorial disputes and ideological differences. Also, the Third World War conflict between the Russian-American alliance and the European Union, which ended without any conclusive victory for either side, led to tensions, which were inherited by the Earth countries' successor states.


Really interesting and well-thought, good job.

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