Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle is an indie RPG roguelike, with a retro graphic style and a terrible sense of humour. The game takes place in a series of ever descending randomly generated dungeon floors, packed full of monsters to slaughter and loot to pillage. The game plays like a traditional roguelike, but with a clean UI, a slick, action orientated combat system, and a massive range of enemy types, skills, gear and room designs. With features like crafting, skill trees, characters development, and just-one-more-room style gameplay, Claustrophobia is a love letter to traditional RPG rougelikes. Create your ideal hero, build your own custom class, then set out on your quest for glory, slaughter, and anything shiny!

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Jan 30 2013 Anchor


  • Left Click - Move/Select
  • Right Click - Attack/Interact/Pick up/Place/Equip/Use
  • WASD - Cell movement
  • 123456 - Skill Keys
  • Tab - Skill Menu
  • Esc - Pause Menu
  • Shift+Right Click - Sell


  • To skip your turn, click on your character.
  • To assign a talent point, click the skill you wish to learn.
  • To equip a learnt skill, mouse over it and press the corresponding number key to equip.
Apr 21 2013 Anchor

Shift+Right Click - Pick up item directly to inventory

Jul 30 2013 Anchor

MOUSE WHEEL CLICK - Inventory is sorted (when done over inventory)
MOUSE WHEEL UP/DOWN - Map zooms in/out (when done over map)

Note that for all controls previously mentioned "shift" refers only to the left-shift button.

Also, sorry for the caps; I don't know how to bold. lol

Edited by: Player007

Jul 31 2013 Anchor

It looks like the skill menu is now mapped to 'K'.

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