Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle is an indie RPG roguelike, with a retro graphic style and a terrible sense of humour. The game takes place in a series of ever descending randomly generated dungeon floors, packed full of monsters to slaughter and loot to pillage. The game plays like a traditional roguelike, but with a clean UI, a slick, action orientated combat system, and a massive range of enemy types, skills, gear and room designs. With features like crafting, skill trees, characters development, and just-one-more-room style gameplay, Claustrophobia is a love letter to traditional RPG rougelikes. Create your ideal hero, build your own custom class, then set out on your quest for glory, slaughter, and anything shiny!

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Jul 30 2013 Anchor

I think it's weird that if you pick up "wooden planks", or "wooden arrows" and place them into your inventory, that they don't auto-stack with the other "wooden plank" or "wooden arrow" instance in your inventory.

Just for the record, I was using "wooden plank" and "wooden arrow" as examples. I think all items that are the same should auto-stack, including equipment. I found that while you can manually stack items like empty bottles, you are unable to manually stack heavy rings or the like.

If you think that stacking equipment may make the game too easy (by making it easier one to hoard items, making easier money), then at the very least consider the auto-stacking for wooden planks and the like.

Thank you! :D Version 1.1.1

Aw, I found this already mentioned somewhere else in the forum.. In my defense it wasn't under "suggested features" in the Planned & Suggested thread.

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Aug 8 2013 Anchor

Pretty much anything that is not gear is stackable, but clicking to sort the inventory will not autostack anything. The lack of autostacking is a bug in the sorting feature, not a missing feature from the game. For now, shift+clicking will autostack, and manual stacking is still available.

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