Chronosaur is a sidescrolling action adventure game by Groovy Video Games. You play as a dinosaur that's gifted with the powers to go through time. And you must go on a journey through the history of the world as you rescue your mate from the clutches of the mad professor, Dr.Crackenstein. Who's harnessing the time-travel properties of the Chronosaur to take over mankind, along with the world.

Gameplay Features are:

  • a Destructive adventure spanning through 5 different eras of time. Explore a huge world filled with oceans, deserts, caves, factories and laboratories, to name a few locations.
  • Destroy anything and anyone. The environment in Chronosaur is completely destructible. Destroy the ground beneath you. throw and break trees, smash buildings. And even toss object in the water, and see if they float.
  • Learn & collect new abilities and powers like: ground pound, shoot fire balls or gamma rays, grenade breath, titanium teeth, and even an enchanted anus for fart jumping!

first video of Chronosaur gameplay:

Please check out the facebook page for more updates on Chronosaur:

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Fart Man update coming soon!


Hey, it's been a while since my last update. I'm currently working on making mobile games. Starting off with a much needed update for Fart Man. It'll have new updates to the gameplay to make it easier, along with updates to the gift shop with new content to buy. With hopefully new content being added regularly.

New enemies will be added to, such as blimps and the insta-kill grim reapers:


Grim Reaper floating 1

Also new different color Fart Man outfits. With new outfits beings added regularly.

fartman green farting

Fart Man will be out on android, as well as iOS very soon.

Fart Man

First Chronosaur Post

First Chronosaur Post


This is the official page for our game, Chronosaur! We will be posting info on our project/game here, as well as other places. stay tuned for more updates...

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