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Chronicles of Vaeltaja: In Search of the Great Wanderer takes you back to the golden era of pc gaming, when role-playing games like Dungeon Master, Might and Magic, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore, Wizardry and Ultima ruled the world. Gather your party of six adventurers and embark on a journey through the colourful kingdom of Twin Falls where sunny fields, lush forests, misty swamps and dark dungeons await to be explored!

Welcome, traveller, to the kingdom of Twin Falls where strange menace is threatening the land that once lived in tranquil. You are hired by the King Menekses II to investigate strange occurrences in seaside town of Pramea where children have been disappearing and travellers are under constant attacks from bandits and beasts that shouldn't even roam there. Your job is to gather a party and find out who or what is behind this new threat and uncover the mystery of the Great Wanderer who once saved the humanity from a great peril.

So ready your weapons and wits to take on a memorable journey across vast forests, fields, swamps and dungeons to bring peace back to Twin Falls.

Already in the game:

  • First-person exploration in beautiful and colourful world created with 2.5D pixel graphics combining pre-made and custom assets.
  • Part of the main questline where some quests give you a possibility to choose from a couple of different solutions.
  • Mythology inspired by ancient Gnostic writings.
  • Six character party system with skills and stats that affect beyond battles and conversations.
  • Nine character classes: Guide, Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Shadow, Priest, Witch, Knight and Witch Hunter (Conjurer coming soon!).
  • Secondary classes for Mage (Warlock/Wizard), Priest (Healer/Saint) and Conjurer (Summoner/Necromancer).
  • Grid-based movement that takes you back in the golden era of pc-gaming.
  • Turn-based battle system with combat rows for party.
  • Several overworld areas full of exploration.
  • Atmospheric and dangerous dungeons where different enemies delve and puzzles await.
  • Fight against animated enemies, such as bandits, bats, skeleton warriors, zombies, leechers, dark mages and other creatures of evil.
  • Boss battles that might have other solutions than violence.
  • Hand-crafted game world with no procedural generation.
  • Dig treasures or search for other secrets!
  • Multiple side-quests that may even lead to optional dungeons or other hidden secrets.
  • Branching conversations where your 'charisma' and 'speech' skill are put to test.
  • No tutorials, no hand-holding, no cinematic cutscenes - just pure joy of experiencing and discovering!
  • Visual Inventory with item and equipment icons.
  • Lots of equipment and items to help you on your journey - don't forget to buy at least torches as the dungeons are dark places to wander around.
  • Quickbar for tools, such as torches, lanterns, camping gear and hour glass.
  • Use mouse and/or keyboard to interact with the game world.
  • Control battles with mouse and/or keyboard.
  • Interact with NPCs to access side-quests.
  • Day/Night cycle.

  • Optional Instant Movement (coming soon).

    Inspired by the classics, such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore, Ultima and The Legend of Zelda

    Graphics and mechanics may and will change for the final release.

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Magic Shop

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guardian cover

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's the Guardian Update has finally been released and it packs a bunch of surprises too. Alongside with the last character class arrive new weapon type Polearms, all Castle Town interiors and new textures and tree sprites to the Great Forest and Pramea. But there's more to be excited about, because potion crafting is also added to the game with more materials.

One of the nice new additions is the House of Adventurers, where the player can find a merchant who will buy monster parts. This will also bring some changes to other merchants too: Nine Sister Shop also buys certain materials and other merchants are now more selective of what type of items they buy, though there are still couple of merchants left who will buy just about anything, except materials.

Screenshot 1547

Here's a list of the added features:

  • New character class: Guardian.
  • New weapon type Polearms (Combat Staves, Spears, Halberts).
  • Castle Town interiors, including the House of Adventurers.
  • Potion Crafting and new materials.
  • New potions and healing items, such as Advanced Healing Kit which can heal Cripple status effect.
  • New monster parts.
  • 3rd sister to the Nine Sister Shop.
  • Nine Sister Shop has opened in Pramea.
  • Shadow Merchant has arrived to the Inn of Pramea.
  • New textures and tree sprites to the Great Forest and Pramea.
  • Merchant in the House of Adventurers, who buys monster parts.
  • Blacksmith can now forge combat staves, spears and halberts.
  • New battle backgrounds in the Great Forest and Pramea.

Screenshot 1599

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's last character class arrives on June 26th

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's last character class arrives on June 26th


Also new weapon class 'Polearms', enhanced textures and new tree sprites to the Great Forest and Pramea, other additions, improvements, balancing and...

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's 'Ghosts 'n Qualities' update has been released!

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's 'Ghosts 'n Qualities' update has been released!


Quest Journal, Dungeon Mapping, Crafting, New Dungeon, New Enemy, New Equipment, New Textures and More!

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's 'Ghosts 'n Qualities' Update Coming on April 26th!

Chronicles of Vaeltaja's 'Ghosts 'n Qualities' Update Coming on April 26th!


Quest Journal, New Dungeon, Enhanced Textures, New Enemy, Better Crafting and More...

Guest - - 699,291 comments

Man, I love this. Game has style and I love dungeon crawlers.

Keep pushing!!!

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WitchgroveGames Creator
WitchgroveGames - - 2 comments

In celebration of the new update Chronicles of Vaeltaja is 20% off in Steam!

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