What's this, then?

Chairspin is Colonthree Enterprises' first game. It is a game in which you spin different chairs in different modes. It is free to download and play, but be warned! There is a one-time fee if you want to play with unlimited spins. You start with 10 free spins, and you'll have to wait a few minutes to get some more. It's not that bad, and the fee isn't expensive. We promise!

Ok, so why should I care?

Chairspin is the only game of its kind! It's a unique chairspinning simulator with slightly animated chairs. Watch them celebrate and despair at the command of your fingertips!

I'll bite, now where can I get it?

On both iOS and Android. You'll need a smartphone to play it, but most phones (especially Android phones) support it with no trouble.

Good stuff, but what about a little more to it? I bore so fast.

Check out the other modes! There's more to it than just Freespin! It has Challenge and Endurance too. Check them out and see if you can handle the friction. >:3

But why isn't there any new chairs coming?

We are a small development team at Colonthree Enterprises and currently we are all trying to finish Catmouth Island. Patience is key, and we hope it will be worth it for you! There's currently five chairs in the iOS-version and four in the Android-version. The Android-version is going to get an upgrade shortly.

Do you rejoice in the findings of the colonthree?

Of course. :3

By the by, are there any bugs I should be aware of?

Well, the Android-version has a broken back-button. It has been fixed, but due to the team size we haven't had the opportunity to deploy and release yet. There might also be an error message appearing if you buy spins, but do not be afraid! It is only there because of an error. Your transaction is safe. This has also been fixed in the next version. The iOS-version might have some overlapping issues, but please report any errors to us and we will see what we can do. :3

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Welcome to Chairspin, the only game of its kind! :3

In Chairspin you'll get to spin some chairs across three different modes. It's been out for a while on Android, but just recently we released it on iOS as well, with an additional chair! The three different modes are:

Here's how the game looks on an Android phone :3


Just spin a chair and see how long you can keep spinning! The timer stops when the chair stops spinning, so to get a good, long time you'll have to keep the chair spinning. :3

Here's how the game looks on an Android phone :3


See how long you can endure spinning the chair between certain limitations! As each chair behaves differently you will see it is quite a challenge to keep the chair spinning after a while. ;3

Here's how the game looks on an Android phone :3


Try how many times you can spin the chair before the timer runs out! Once the timer stops the amount of rotations will keep on counting until the chair stops spinning, so you'll get a few more spins after the time is up. =3

You can download and play it now on either iOS or Android providing you have a compatible device. The game is free to download and play, but you have to pay a one-time fee to get access to unlimited spins, otherwise you will be limited to just 10 spins every 15 minutes.

Now what are you waiting for? Start spinning some chairs right about now!

Go go goooo~! :3

Here's how the game looks on an Android phone :3
The chairs ain't gonna spin themselves.
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