A lethal virus has infected Treasure Island,San Francisco and it is up to Captain Winter, a U.S. Army soldier working with the Center for Epidemic Research and Control (CERC) to stop the mysterious and deadly Pangu Virus from spreading farther. The Cepheus Protocol is an independently developed top-down RTS inspired by XCOM, Company of Heroes, and Parasite Eve. God knows what will become of the world if her or this infection spreads to the mainland. 

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Artists located Anywhere.

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Basic Concept:

The Cepheus Protocol is going to be designed as a Top/Down Real-Time Strategy Game. The player(s)
will control an 8 man squad, comprised of unit types of their choosing as they explore the city of San
Francisco, desperately trying to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving viral outbreak.

● Realistic
● Dark and Creepy
● Strong use of Light and Darkness (Shadows)
● Units realistically detailed and design
● Levels based on real-world locations (San Francisco)
● Real-world weapons
● Real-world military and civilian vehicles
● Some concept real-world military vehicles (Military vehicles not in service)
● Weather effects - Rain and Fog
● Day and Night cycle

Requirements for 3D Modelers

Job Requirements

– Ability to directly follow concept art and communicate your design to the original design
– Ability to work in or learn how to properly import and configure assets and textures / materials
– Must show a portfolio for base entry and be able to do a test piece if asked
Understanding of level design in Unreal Engine 4 is a huge a plus for all 3D Modelers in addition to a background and understanding of creating scifi assets props and weaponry.

Positions will close quickly so apply now.

We already have several people in most fields, but are looking to expand our numbers.
Halcyon Winds is flexible for work hours, and we understand that while we aren't paying you up front, and is instead a pay on release system, that you may have other obligations, and focus in your life. Halcyon Winds does our best to find a good middle ground between all our members.

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Payment will be on a percent basis after the game is released everyone on the team that helped will receive an amount calculated off the amount of work they did that makes it into the final build. We plan to release on steam and any other services that will allow. Everyone is required to sign an initial Royalty Contract and a final upon release. Leaving the team before release will lower your overall percent

To Apply

Email: recruitment@halcyonwinds.com
Skype : Dark583

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