In a world where spirit creatures are known to visit the human world, an unusual and cheerful plant spirit by the name of Rose has come to make her home among this world. Join Rose as she stumbles her way through her new job at a small indie game studio, while still trying to comprehend the differences of human customs. Her reasons for leaving the spirit realm are unclear, however suspicion rises when another spirit arrives with an ill warning and the intent of hunting down Rose. What mess has she gotten herself into and what secrets could this cute and playful spirit possibly be hiding? You're the only one with a chance to uncover this mystery in this cute and amusing game... Because... you're a human... she won't suspect you.

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Greenlight Campaign is Live!


Casually Rose is live on Greenlight!

It's been a lot of hard work for us, but we're finally there. Please help by showing your support for our Greenlight Campaign.

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Latest posts from @rose_covenant

It's been a long time since we've posted, we assumed everyone had long since forgotten about us and... I guess it w…

Apr 22 2019

Great news all, Casually Rose has been greenlit 💙 thank you all for making this happen. #indiedev #gamedev #vndev

Feb 16 2017

We've been experimenting with @UnrealEngine, and honestly... it puts unity3d to shame. Everything about it has been thought out so well.

Feb 12 2017

RT @StarlightVega: Love Ribbon is now released on Steam! Snag this #yuri game with a special 10% launch discount:…

Jan 27 2017

New book for the office, it's amazing :O

Jan 25 2017

Thanks for all the support so far with our Greenlight. Check it out if you havn't already #gamedev #indiedev #vndev

Jan 24 2017

Been a crazy first day for our #VisualNovel Greenlight launch, thank you everyone for all the support 💙 #indiedev #gamedev #anime

Jan 19 2017

Casually Rose was featured in the yuri nation blog 💙 #visualnovel #anime

Jan 19 2017