Capsule's Journey is a parody of 2011 to 2015 unity games. It is supposed to be bad. It's currently in development and i don't know the release date. This is a shooter game with capsules! (or beans) It is open world (so called open world, a big world) You can choose other worlds too, it also has pew pew guns, mutants, zombies, shop, buildings and worlds! (and remember that this is made with unity 4.6.0, 5 YEARS AGO ACTUALLY WHICH IS OLD!)

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Update 2!


I added new base and snow to the level, the base isn't finished. (don't tell anyone i made it using roblox studio (i didn't have other choice than that))

well nothing new is really here except for the stuff i told you above, maybe just some new features that i will add in it




Giant AI


idiot stuff

just a small update.

just a small update.


my first update! so i don't have much time to work on this game but since i have more time (because of coronavirus and schools closing down) i have made...

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Capsule Journey 0.1

Capsule Journey 0.1


First build of the game! (actually im lying, there is a version earlier than this)

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