Business Life is a game where you can make company, and do what ever you want.

You can build with you company other people house, electronic stuff like phone or sell this all. Other company maked phone and else thinks.

Bought other companys stocks and sell to make profit.

Or call you friend and play with him and make this all. Game can play hotseat 4 player.

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We going forward


Hello long long time. Why this project take so long time. I tell you that.

Work is number one why this take so long. We can make game only few hours / day. And not even every day. That's why you can found our website "donate" button so we can make this game harder.

Second think what make this project very very long is that we change game engine. We don't use DarkBasic anymore. We write all code to C++.

So.. i have to tell you what we have done.
- Now you can play game 1-4 player. And every player have company and character.
- Stock markets.
- Gas stations company.
- All gas stations thinks. Like a Price control Tank expanding, adversting.
- Month report
- AI players witch one made companys too and try bought stocks.
- City's where you make company and few "info" those. Like a salary level and economy stage.

What now?
Our stable version (0.14) is now ready and we start fixing bugs and then we start make more companys. Factory, Energy, Water, Shop... more and more.

We have fixed now 23bugs and other "stupid" thinks in game. When we get this 0.14 stable we start creating version 0.2 witch put inside game phone first version and Energy companys can made.

DO you wanna get this game now?
We try look "Alpha tester". Maybe two or three. You get accounts our website and there you can download our game and there you can tell "bugs" what you found and if somethink is worng in game, and you thinks that's maybe better to different.

New version and why take so long

New version and why take so long


Okay. We made new version now. V.0.30. It's 50% ready now. Why it's take so long?

Version 0.25-84

Version 0.25-84


All going very well Update 25 pack 84 is ready now and it's make house building company possible to make.


please download link

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